How to Create a Sleek and Contemporary Look in Your Kitchen

For many of us the kitchen is the centre of the modern home. It is where we spend time cooking meals for family and entertaining dinner guests, so having it look and feel aesthetically pleasing is as important as the function it provides. You may be on a budget and only want to make a few minor changes, or have the means to undertake a total refit; either way achieving a sleek and contemporary look is easier than it sounds.
Firstly, think about your worktops and surface areas. A contemporary kitchen is uncomplicated and free of fussy details, so remove all visible clutter to create a spacious and clean feel. Storage is key: anything that can be put away should be and if your kitchen lacks storage, then put up some shelves to create extra room. If you have the budget for new worktops, glass or stainless steel are very current and will give your kitchen a truly polished feel. For added effect, carry the worktop material up into splash-backs and if you have the space, a kitchen island is a highly desirable feature in modern homes.
If you haven’t got the money to replace your cabinets, then investing in some new doors is equally effective. Glass fronts are a popular choice and can make a small space feel roomier. Choose fixtures that are straight and minimal – or go one step further and have none at all – but remember to go for those that work for you; there’s no use having something that looks good if it’s totally impractical.
A change of lighting will go a long way to rejuvenating and brightening up your kitchen. If you have the advantage of space, invest in some statement lights for the ceiling fixtures, or add in some hidden lighting beneath, above or even inside the cabinets.
black gloss kitchens
Colour scheme
Contemporary kitchens are colour coordinated throughout, so pay attention to your colour scheme: black gloss kitchens are a fantastic option; the light reflects off the doors to give a sleek finish and the colour can be combined with a number of materials to give your kitchen a unique feel. Appliances should be high quality and in keeping with the kitchen’s colour, but don’t have too many unnecessary gadgets out on show.
For the kitchen walls, even a coat of paint can go a long way. White looks fresh and clean and while too much of it can make your kitchen feel a bit sterile, for a small kitchen it will brighten it up and create the illusion of space. If you are going to re-tile then a simple brick-style design looks very effective, or opt for modern textured tiles, stone, or large shapes.
If the information provided here has inspired you to think about updating your own kitchen, then remember, you don’t need a huge budget to give your space a contemporary feel. A few minor changes will make a big difference, although if you do opt for a refit, make sure you consider all the options available and choose something that suits you.
Idania is a media professional and freelance writer living in London. She takes an interest in all the current interior design trends, from white brick tiles to black gloss kitchens.