A Place To Call Home:3 Important Things To Think About When Deciding Where To Live

If you are thinking about moving and you are not limited in the locations you can choose, that can be very exciting; it can also be a bit challenging since there are lots of places you could call home. There are lots of things to consider when trying to make the best choice and here three particularly important ones.

Do Not Necessarily Focus on What Has the Most ‘’Stuff’’

Most of us value convenience, choice and variety, especially when it comes to where we live. We want to be near restaurants, forms of entertainment and the like and that is totally understandable; how much you value is an important factor in finding the right place to live. But, you may not want to base your decision solely on a place that offers the largest number of all these things because you believe that will make you like living there better. Sure, it may seem great if the area has 60 restaurants and 10 movie theaters to choose from, but is unlikely they will truly make you love your home.


Unless you are self-employed or do something like freelance writing where you can set up shop anywhere with an internet connection, employment opportunities are definitely something to consider carefully. Available jobs, particularly in specific industries, can vary greatly between places; if you are in a certain line of work, and wish to remain so, you are going to need to be thorough in your research —what states will offer the best chances for working in this field and where in the state are these jobs concentrated? If you have a job like teaching, where your services are in demand pretty much anywhere, it is particularly important to research salary information so you can get an idea of what you will be making in different parts of the country. You are going to need money, no matter where you live and whether or not you think you can find a job is a huge factor in choosing your location.

Consider Your Commute

Did you know that one of the things that people report makes them most unhappy is their commute to and from work? As someone who used to have a nightmare drive every day, I totally get it. The frustration and time wasted can take a huge toll. When deciding where to live, it is important to consider the potential commute you may have on your hands should you be working in a different location than where you live, regardless of how you plan on getting from your home to your job. You may think that if you find either your dream job or your dream home (or maybe both), a 90-minute commute ever day may not bother you so much, but chances are, it will. Your home or your job may be awesome, but that excitement will wear off over time; the commute, however, is not going anywhere.
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