What Tree Should I Plant In Arizona?

Most people who think of Arizona also think of a dry desert landscape that has nothing green in it except for the occasional cactus. However, this is not the case. There are many different types of trees that can thrive in the Arizona. Some trees, such as the fruiting and flowering kind, may require more watering than other trees native to the desert. It is also important to keep in mind that Arizona is made up of many diverse climates, and so what works for someone living in Flagstaff may not be the best tree for someone living in Phoenix.

Fruit and Nut Trees

Most fruit trees require a lot of water. This can be a bit tricky due to water rights and prices in Arizona, especially during drought. However, the hot air and bright sun are extremely beneficial to the trees and can provide greater flavor development and a high crop yield. Most of the citrus fruits will thrive in the hot desert climate along with pomegranate, pecan and almond trees. One of the only downsides to these trees is that they need to be watered well and frequently.

Shade Trees

Shade trees do not do well in southern Arizona due to the extreme amount of heat and sun. However, trees such as Sycamore Tree, Tulip Poplar, and Weeping Willow thrive in the northern part of the state and can be grown successfully in the southern part if given plenty of water during the growing season.

Flowering Trees

Arizona has many different types of flowering trees. The red and pink varieties of Mimosa trees are known to be some of the fastest growers, along with White Pear trees which begin blooming in early spring. However, Crape Myrtles seem to be the most popular choice due to their drought resistance and long bloom time. The leaves of Crape Myrtle trees also turn a beautiful red color in the fall. Due to the high demand for Crape Myrtle varieties such as the black leaf variety and new “True Blue” strain, Crape Myrtles are sometimes difficult to find at nurseries. Another beautiful flowering tree is the Anacacho Orchid tree, which has pink or white flowers and an added bonus of leaves that are shaped like butterflies.

Screening Trees

Trees such as the Guajillo are ideal for screening or adding a lush, attractive look to any yard or garden.This tree is native to Mexico both Mexico and Southwest Texas and grows extremely well in the desert climate of Arizona. It also doesn’t need as much water as other trees. The Blackbrush Acacia is also a good tree to plant in the desert, as it needs very little water, can handle intense sun, and provides a good barrier to either the wind or the prying eyes of neighbors.

There are many more types and varieties of trees than the ones talked about here. Arizona is a state with several diverse biomes, and any tree planted in a Zone or climate that is not recommended for it has a chance of dying. However, with care and nurturing, almost any type of tree can grow and thrive in Arizona.

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