5 Essential Tips for Link Building that will help you Tackle Penguin 2.0

One of the most pertinent questions that has come up amongst link builders after Google’s Penguin 2.0 crackdown is whether or not link building is dead. There are quite a few issues involved when it comes to link building in the aftermath of the Penguin 2.0 phenomena, be it the issue of “unnatural” or “artificial” links or the question of penalty on “suspicious” links. Everyone admits that Penguin 2.0 is Google’s algorithm to update its search and undoubtedly this was amongst the major changes that came about since Panda in 2012. However, the concern now remains about how link building can be continued in the Penguin 2.0 aftermath.
Tips for link building post the Penguin 2.0 phenomena
The Penguin 2.0 happens to be a phenomena that has been exclusively designed such that true value will be added to the searches henceforth. All the websites using black hat SEO techniques are going to be penalized. Here are 5 useful tips that should help you counter Penguin 2.0 –
  • Keep varying the anchor texts: Understand this for a fact that you can’t go on using the same keywords or phrases as anchor text. This is essentially viewed as a form of spam by Google, so keeping the anchor text varied is the best idea.
  • Always keep citing authority websites: You see, Google’s idea of returning “usable and credible” results to the web surfers needs to be catered to when link building. Hence, it’d be wise on your part if you kept citing authoritative sources when putting up any content. This would immediately give your content a lot more credibility.
  • Ensure perfect grammar and spelling: This is perhaps one of the most vital things you should keep in mind. This is in fact a basic criteria that needs to be fulfilled. This is why proofreading and editing is extremely important. If you’re not able to achieve this end, then it’s always advisable that you hire professional help to achieve this end.
  • Keep updating your websites regularly: Updating your websites on a regular basis is on similar lines as sending reminders to your customer base. This would obviously keep your business on top of the search engine rankings and show on relevant search results. As far as how you’re going to update your website is concerned, then it depends on various factors like say competition, niche, and likewise. However, advisably you should at least update your website once a week.
  • Make it a point to claim authorship: This happens to be one of the frequently ignored factors. In fact, claiming authorship is becoming rather important with every passing day to make sure that your website continues ranking well. With so much scraped and stolen content being rampant on the web, it’s always better that you claim credit for your original content.
Keep in mind and incorporate the 5 tips that have been discussed above into your link building strategy, and you should be able to tackle Penguin 2.0 easily enough. You may connect with Idania of this article to know more about link building through guest blogging after penguin 2.0 updates.