Old School Advertising: Is There Still A Need For It?


It should come as no big surprise that social media has taken over. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a long list of other digital marketing strategies, there’s a question that arises about old school or retro advertising means, and if there is still a need for said methods.


The main benefit behind traditional advertising is the idea of personalization. Though new and current means of advertising are overwhelmingly popular and have proven to be successful, there are still a lot of fans that appreciate traditional advertising. This appreciation usually focuses on personalization.
Today, many people still like to actually connect with or physically see a business’s terms or a company’s policies/perks. This is usually accomplished in the form of a flyer, poster, pamphlet, etc. The customer wants to be able to hold something, versus seeing something flash across the screen of their computer or cell phone.


You may think that because of printing prices and the cost of different advertising products i.e. billboards, wooden signs, brochures, etc., that new methods of promoting a business are less expensive than retro. However, it’s been noted that the price sometimes pays off.
For example, when traditional advertising is used, another tool of selling is applied: communication. When you communicate with your customers or clientele one on one, you have an opportunity to gain their trust and respect. You actually get to know someone and sell the product to his or her specific needs and wants.
It’s also important to note, depending on your business and product, that some items are better marketed in person. Though the Internet works wonders and can be beneficial in many different aspects when it comes to advertising, there are still various types of merchandise that can’t be properly explained or marketed over Facebook or Internet ads. Sometimes, a customer needs a detailed explanation of a specific item before he or she decides to make the purchase, whether the explanation comes from a person handing out a detailed flyer or a specific brochure is created with all benefits marked in bold.


Again, depending on the product or event you’re marketing, your best and most effective bet may be traditional advertising. It’s always imperative that you know your target audience.
For example, there is an older generation that isn’t tech savvy, meaning they don’t use computers or the Internet. If you’re going after this older generation, then you may need to consider old school methods to obtain their business. Believe it or not, not everyone has a Twitter or Instagram account or a smart phone.  And though social media is and will continue to evolve, there are still groups of people who refuse to get on board. Therefore, there are groups, maybe small but still in existence, that will need to see other forms of advertising i.e. commercials, newspaper ads, radio spots, etc. in order to learn about a new product.
Yes, social media has quite effectively taken over. There are so many new, cheap, and different avenues for businesses and companies to market themselves and their products, these days. However, it seems that there is still a need for traditional types of marketing. Depending on your specific business and the product you’re trying to sell, you may consider exploring said types of traditional marketing.