Packing Right For Camping Festivals

There is something really fun about camping and facing all the elements with minimal protection while communing with nature. Each year, families and friends look forward to camping festivals in particular. These festivals are based around a certain mandatory code of conduct. If you want to be a part of such festivals, then you need to know what camping equipment to bring along.

It is essential that you get a good night’s rest each day to make the most of the festival, so an important aspect of camping equipment is shelter and bedding. Ensure that the tent you carry is suitable for the weather it has to face and also the number of people who have to share it. Include a tarp if you are going to be in extremely hot places. The sleeping bag you choose has to be one that is suitable for both cold and hot weather. You may also want to consider investing in sleeping bags that are designed as body suits and allow you absolute freedom of movement.

Another popular sleeping option is a roll-up mattress that is lightweight, easy to carry, rolls out and gives you the comfort of having bedding to yourself. In addition, it provides you with good insulation from the hot or cold ground beneath you. When you are not camping, such bedding can even accommodate unexpected visitors at your home. For all of these options, an inflatable pillow would be a good addition to have as well.

Some other camping equipment you could consider including:

Sensible sets of clothes


A first aid kit


Products like dry shampoo and hand sanitizer are good ideas too. Simple canned food items to beat those late night hunger pangs would be a good idea along with a few packaged drinks as well. A camping chair can come in real handy, especially if you are faced with sudden rains and the ground is too wet to sit on comfortably. Invest in one that can be folded up easily and packed away.


A torch is a handy device, especially when navigating at night. A wind-up torch is a good investment since batteries can die on you at any moment. Have a little kettle handy to make yourself a hot brew when you need it. If you have the space and inclination, a small BBQ unit would be a good idea. If you cannot do without your communication devices, then a portable power station for your laptop, iPad and such would be a good gadget to pack.

Camping festivals can be a lot of fun if you are well prepared and have covered all of your needs in terms of camping equipment and supplies like the range available at Missing even just one item essential to camping can completely ruin the fun, so double-check your list before you head out.