Health IT Certifications You Should Consider to Advance Your Career

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you know how important IT is becoming to the field. With the need to make medical records digital, the need for these professionals is growing by leaps and bounds. If you want to advance your career, health IT certifications are a great place to start.

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician

A fairly new certification to the health IT field is the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certification. To take the exam, you’ll need a basic knowledge of medical terminology and practice workflows. The good thing about this certification is that it covers a wide range of areas. Areas included are regulatory requirements, IT and medical organization operations, and security.

Certified Healthcare CIO

In order to be successful in this certification, you’ll need to have at least three years of health IT experience. The certification is geared towards CIOs and other C-level executives. This certification is for the sole purpose of advancing the career of professionals in the health IT field.

Health Information Technology Professional

This certification has six different exams for different types of health IT jobs. The exam is meant for those that have a professional background in health IT or those that have training. The types of health IT jobs that exams are available for include clinical/practitioner consultant, implementation manager, implementation support specialist, practice workflow & information management redesign specialist, technical/software support, and trainer.

Health IT Certification

Last, but not least is the health IT certification that covers a number of areas within healthcare technology. These exams are meant for those that are professionals in the healthcare field, but have little professional experience within the health IT field. You do not have to be an IT expert to obtain these certifications. Options for this certification include electronic health records, health information exchanges, operation rules administration, and general health IT.

Health IT is something that those in the healthcare field can’t afford to ignore. With more and more medical records being kept online each day, it’s up to you to advance your career. By taking the time to obtain these certifications you can prove to upper management that you are the perfect candidate for promotion or for a new job through recruiters like While many of these certifications are meant for those that already have health IT experience, you can obtain a certification in health IT that will get you started on the path to success. Remember, the easiest way to advance your career is to learn as much as possible. Certifications allow you to increase your knowledge of new technology so that you are one step ahead rather than one step behind.