Great Sightseeing Locations In New York City

Going sightseeing in NYC is one of the greatest experiences that one can ever have. There is simply no other city in the entire world that provides the fantastic amount of sightseeing that NYC does. Since New York City is spread out over a large area and has many famous buildings, statues, monuments, bridges, tunnels, and other locations, the sightseeing options in NYC are virtually limitless! Whether you want to go and view the whole city from atop the Empire State Building, or you want to take a tour of the Statue of Liberty, you will certainly have a fantastic time enjoying everything that The Big Apple offers.
If you are somebody that is really into seeing bridges, than New York City is your place. NYC offers a few of the world’s most famous bridges. From the Verrazano Narrows Bridge which directly connects Brooklyn with Staten Island, to the Brooklyn Bridge which directly connects Brooklyn with Manhattan, to the George Washington Bridge, which directly connects New York City with New Jersey, there are many interesting bridges you can see while you are visiting NYC. The same thing can also be said about tunnels when it comes to NYC. If you happen to be a tunnel enthusiast, NYC can offer you the Holland Tunnel, Midtown Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, and Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Each one of these four tunnels are used by thousands of drivers on a daily basis, and are some of the most heavily used tunnels in the entire world each and every year.
Fantastic sights to see in NYC:
NYC offers a ton of interesting buildings that you can view from the outside or take a tour of on the inside. From the legendary Empire State Building, to the world-famous New York Stock Exchange, to the very interesting Chrysler Building, New York City boasts a few of the most interesting and famous buildings in the entire world. Other unique buildings in NYC, like the brand-new 1 World Trade Center tower which is scheduled to open sometime in 2014, help to provide The Big Apple with its legendary skyline, and will surely continue to do so for a long time into the future as the city continues to grow in both size and stature.
If you happen to be a big fan of history, than there is simply no better city to visit than NYC. The Statue of Liberty in NYC is regarded as the most famous symbol of the city, and it is by far and away the most popular destination in all of New York City for sightseers. The Statue of Liberty was recently refurbished as well, allowing for a fantastic touring experience while inside of it. If you happen to be planning on visiting New York City anytime soon, than you need to visit the Statue of Liberty for sure. NYC also provides other interesting destinations for sightseeing such as:

  •  Times Square
  •  Central Park
  •  The Empire State Building
  •  Radio City Music Hall
  •  Madison Square Garden
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