Increasing Domain Search To Get More Insurance Leads

Short of hunting customers down in person, finding closable insurance leads from reputed secondary sources has, by and large, become hardly worth one’s daily effort.  Whereas insurance industries used to enjoy steady streams of ‘live transfer’ or ‘hot’ leads, our particularly finicky consumer base has become rather difficult to sift through.
Swimming somewhere with your once murky sea of hope resides your best chance at clarity in finding today’s fresh leads, and we’re here to provide several usable places to start ramping up your domain search queries.

Reverse Social Media Psychology

Seems many people share experiences, photos or literature which may have adverse connotations behind them – insurance prices included.  Insurance agents may scour Facebook looking for discussions on underinsurance, no insurance or news related to both, associating who ‘Likes’ or ‘Shares’ those posts with individuals that may need better insurance.
Ever considered slipping ‘unbiased opinions’, recent articles you’ve written about industry trends or health news into these posts in order to shed positivity into these discussions?
Sure, it may seem like your ‘licking perpetual wounds’ of scorned consumers, yet perhaps being their friends during times of distraught would provide an avenue later on for lead nurturing.  As many agents are aware, rushing consumers through checkout lines may increase commissions, yet it decreases respect – the most invaluable trait in business today.

Social Optimization

Engaging potential insurance leads should never involve slamming calls to action into the faces of consumers.  That being said, some level of aggressive social optimization must ensue since thousands of agents want your territory.  In social media, opposing lead generation companies are fully prepared to take drastic measures in capturing your lead base, regardless how badly it hurts your toes after being stepped across.
Your job is to remain obtrusive yet adequately guarded when hiking your domain search plans northward; present your website yet make sure secondary communication channels are available, too.
Follow this path, in order, and watch your social adeptness turn your once maladroit methodologies into lead funnels that convert.

  • Separate your Facebook accounts into Business Page and ‘Jane Doe’.  Potential consumers aren’t interested in your bake recipes this early; save this thought for later.
  • Begin ‘what if’-style discussions on your Facebook business page.  You’ll then drop the remaining discussion onto the reader’s lap through your blog’s link.
  • Craft every post based off what problems exist.  Without throwing yourself into the ‘solution’, make sure every post remains open-ended, allowing readership to chime in and opinionate.  Should consumers not have the liberty to freely speak, what makes them believe you’ll care for their insurance needs?  We’re establishing proof that you will provide the level of service you claim.
  • Keep your Google Plus profile completely, and honestly, filled out.  With new Authorship standards set for full implementation in searches, an insurance agent’s ability to maintain social relationships while providing avenues for content engagement will surface first in searches. It’s even better if you’re also maintaining your Google Places through your Plus profile, too.
  • Tweet something funny yet factual related to your posts with your shortened blog post URL.
  • Join whatever Consumer-related groups you can on LinkedIn.  Also, concentrate on discussing industry-related topics on LinkedIn while avoiding divulging tips for other agents to hijack.
  • Post enticing ‘teaser’ scripts in LinkedIn which leads consumers back to Facebook or your blog.

Scan Ripoff Report / Pissed Consumer

Technically, Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer provide voices for angry insurance customers, and offer an inclusive domain search to find those flimflams you missed.  You’re definitely not pissing people off, so why not offer these agitated customers your shoulder to lean on?  From there, not only will converting these customers to your database become easier, you’ll immediately provide the level of respect, trust and knowledge these consumers wanted in the first place.

The Takeaway…

Outsourced telemarketing may turn up some ‘cold’ or ‘lukewarm’ leads, yet costs outweigh the benefits.  You could purchase ‘prescreened leads’ or aged lead lists in hopes these consumers have some interest, yet again, ROI will simply tank.
Most sensible people don’t simply ‘hop in the sack’ before learning about individuals or marrying them. Why find insurance leads in this manner?  Talk, engage, optimize your conversations and join consumer groups to truly find consumers looking for your lower premiums or better customer service while making sure your domain search queries are spot-on.

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Roger Klawinski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.