Don't Lose Weight, Dress Thin

If those last few pounds are stubbornly refusing to melt away, maybe it’s time to stop losing weight and start dressing thin. We all know the “vertical stripes add height, horizontal stripes add width” rule of skinny dressing design, but there are a number of other dressing hints that can make you look and feel thinner in an instant.

  1. Capped sleeves are just as cool as sleeveless, but cover the chunkiest part of the arm. The eye is focused on the long line of the arm, instead of a rounded shoulder leading to the arm.
  2. A thin belt will create a waist where none existed before. Make sure it fits well; looking like a sack cinched in the middle will only add pounds to the look, but a belt that rests lightly at the waist line will create definition without emphasis.
  3. Wear slacks with a tapered leg. No matter how much you love that the bell bottoms of the seventies are back, the only ones who can wear them are the tiny teens they were designed for. Keep the leg line straight to draw the eye downward and create the illusion of length and thinness.
  4. Blouses and other tops should end just below the waistline. Tucking your blouse into your slacks or skirts will show every bulge and bump. Choose blouses that are cut to be worn on the outside, but not a long men’s wear shirt look, a baggy look only creates the look of added weight.
  5. The tapered look of pants works just as well with skirts. To keep the look longer and thinner, your skirts should be well fitted, but straight sided, again to keep the eye focused in an up and down movement, rather than across, which is what a wider skirt will do.
  6. Crossover necklines break up the width of the body for an instant slenderizer. This design works just as well in a blouse as it does in a dress.
  7. Skirts and dresses should be worn knee length. A longer length leaves too little leg showing, and a cut off look optically adds width. Too short and too much of the wider parts of the leg -the knees and thighs- are on display.
  8. Wear uneven patterns. Diagonal stripes, block prints or color blocks (one side of the dress or top a different color than the other) create movement for the eye and therefore a slimmer look.
  9. High heels are the classic way to slim down and curve up your calves.
  10. Wear structured clothing rather than loose, soft, or clingy fabrics.

So if the gym and the calorie counting are not doing it, try a little optical illusion to lose those pounds.
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