10 Most Common Symptoms Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sex is a deeper aspect of human relationship that is meant to be enjoyed. Although sex can be enjoyable, it can be risky as well.
Lots of people across the globe are sexually active.
People don’t know that it is very easy to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) especially if you do not take the necessary precautions.
Individuals with multiple sexual partners who have have had unprotected sexual intercourse are at a much higher chance of contracting an STD.
STDs can include certain diseases that can be treated such as Chlamydia to HIV which is treatable but unfortunately incurable.
It is worthy of note that anyone can contract a sexually transmitted disease.
Knowing the signs and symptoms of STDs is part of learinig how to prevent STDs.
Here are the top 10 signs of STD.
1. Changes in the normal discharge of the penis or vagina.
This can be something as simple as a yeast infection or it can be one of the many signs of STD. Discharge from the penis and vagina that is odd in color, texture, and/or smell could mean that you have a sexually transmitted disease.
2. Pain during intercourse.
Pain during intercourse is one of the common symptoms of STD. It most often points to Chlamydia, which is an infectious disease that can be cured.
3. Pain in pelvic area.
Any abnormal pain in the pelvic area requires a doctor’s attention. This can be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia
4. Burning pain when urinating.
This is a major warning sign of some sort of infection that needs medical attention.
5. Pain in lower abdomen.
The pain is often felt as a dull constant ache that is different from period pain and is present both during and after menstruation.
6. Sores, warts or blisters near genitals, anus, mouth or hands.
Any area of the body that has sores, warts or blisters that has come into contact with a sexual partner is a bad sign. This is most likely genital warts or herpes. Both are treatable but not curable.
7. Weight loss
Frequent vomiting is part of the symptoms and its combination with loss of appetite will make you lose weight.
8. Visible parasites.
Visible parasites near genital region could be pubic lice also known as crabs.
9. Unusual odors.
With STDs come associated malodourous vaginal discharge.
10. Unexplained fatigue.
This can be a symptom of a more serious STD or one that has been left untreated.
Overall, there are several symptoms of STD. If you notice any of these symptoms and are sexually active, visit your doctor immediately.
All of the signs of STD previously listed can also be signs of other serious medical conditions. Unfortunately, sexually transmitted diseases are out there so you have to protect yourself.
Taking the necessary precautions in the bedroom can save your life. Also, do not forget that it is so easy to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.
It is a simple test that can be done at a local clinic and you can get your result in twenty minutes or less.
Written by Alexandra Worman, an expert on sexual health who finds time to review healthcare products on http://bodytreatmentreviews.com/