Essential First Aid Supplies For Your Pet

Essential First Aid Supplies For Your Pet

Animals need care and comfort from their owners. Our pets, may not talk like us but they have needs too. As a pet owner one must be aware of all the basic veterinarian supplies to store in their homes. Well, most pet owners are not aware of this or some new owners are confused as to what to buy for their pets’ basic needs.

By veterinarian supplies it simply means to have a first aid cabinet for our pets. This first aid cabinet must contain some important first aids that our pets require but be aware that different pets have different needs. You can easily get these supplies from a local medical store for pets or at the nearest vet. Following is a list of all the basic veterinarian supplies that every animal would need:

  • Include a First aid Guide:

Every pet owner must have a guide on first aid for their animals. This guide will be able to help in the case of medical emergencies for a pet.

  • Get some Gauze:

One of the most basic things that is needed in every first aid cabinet. Gauze can be used for dressing and covering any wounds. Every pet tends to get hurt, this makes gauze a very important requirement.

  • Have enough Bandages:

Once the wound is washed it has to be covered   with a bandage for the bleeding to stop or to protect from infection.  This bandage hence, must be clean and packed in clear bags.

  • Keep a Thermometer:

Like man, animals get sick too. They also sometimes need their temperatures checked. For this an animal thermometer is an essential part of every first aid cabinet.

  • Have a Handy Scissors and Flat Tipped Tweezers:

Scissors is essentially required in every first aid cabinet to cut the bandage or gauze in case of an injury. And the tweezers are needed to pull out any foreign body that has been trusted into the pet’s skin like a thorn.

  • A Pair of Clean Rubber Gloves:

Remember to always have and wear a pair of rubber glove in your cabinet and to use them when treating a pet and this is basic to avoid any transfer of infection.

  • Store Cotton Rolls and Balls:

Cotton rolls can be used to cover wounds and cotton balls are often used to stop blood after an injection or for smaller cuts.

  • Include some Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen Peroxide is an essential to induce vomiting and to stop infected wounds. Be sure to have this and also check the expiry date from time to time.

These are some of the basic veterinarian supplies for every pet owner to have in their homes. But make sure that whatever is stacked in the first aid cabinet must be clean and always sterilized. Remember that carelessness can lead to further infection for your pet. Finally, have some basic medicines for your pet too. Contact your vet for more details on the required ones.