5 Benefits Of Using A Harness With Your Puppy

5 Benefits Of Using A Harness With Your Puppy
The little bundle of fur that you just brought home is depending on you to provide him with the love and care that he needs in order to be a healthy and happy dog. The things that you buy for him and the way that you treat him combine to show him that you love him more than words can ever express.

Walking Your Dog

Of course, you both will be taking some long walks together and you’ll be having some discussions about things that he won’t always understand, but he’ll be there for you anyway. As you walk along with him, you’ll find that using a harness is something that you can do that will provide him with the comfort and attention that he needs as he grows into a mature dog. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a harness with your puppy.

The Benefits of Using a Harness

  • You won’t be putting strain on his neck. If you use a traditional collar, the leash places all of the pressure on his throat and neck.; this causes gagging and can impact his breathing as well. With a harness, all of the pressure is distributed more evenly on his back and chest and improves the comfort that he feels as he strolls along with you.
  • Your puppy has a lot of energy, and when he sees a cat or squirrel, he will naturally want to see what this new animal is all about. If you’re walking him with a collar and leash, he can pull and cause you to have to use more pressure to get him under control. A harness helps you to control him more easily.
  • Some breeds of dogs are prone to having slipped discs, and using a harness prevents aggravating this medical condition. Having pressure that is evenly distributed along his back and chest makes him more comfortable and doesn’t hurt specific areas of his spine.
  • If your puppy is small, using a collar and leash isn’t a secure set-up; your puppy can easily slip right out of his collar and take off on his own, with you in hot pursuit after him. A harness keeps him from pulling free and taking to the streets on his own.
  • A harness is just more comfortable for your puppy. Adjusting a collar is a formidable task which involves getting it fastened in just the right place for safety, security, and comfort. A collar will rub his neck and may cause irritation from walking, whereas dog harnesses take most of the pressure from the neck area.

Safety First

As you work to train your new puppy to stroll along beside you, consider using a harness so that you’ll have more control and he will have more comfort the entire time. This is a much safer option, both for you and your puppy; he won’t be able to break loose from you and go exploring on his own. Using a harness is a beneficial way to work with your puppy, especially during his early training.