Doggy Daycare – The Facts

Dog Day Care centres can help you provide your dog with the stimulation, attention, love and supervision it needs when you are unable to be there to provide those things. They ensure dogs who are easily bored, stressed, who are very social, or who are high-energy get exactly what they need. Dog day care doesn’t suit all dogs, but if you have a sociable, playful dog that is not dog aggressive, and if you have enough funds to pay for the service, it could be a really good option for your canine furbaby.

How Does It Work?

It works a bit like childcare. You go and leave your dog at the centre in the morning, and throughout the day he will be walked, played with, socialised, fed, watered and have somewhere to sleep – all while you’re at work. Then on your way back from work you go and pick him up. Alternatively, some centres will pick up and drop off your dog for you.

When in the Day is this Available?

It depends on the centre. Most operate on a half or full day basis and you can pick and choose how often your dog uses the facilities. They will usually be open from early in the morning until late in the evening, enabling people time to commute to and from work.

Where is this Available?

There are some facilities that offer just day care services, and others that operate as full kennels with optional day care services. You should be able to find a facility like this nearby, especially if you live in the city. For example; there are lots of dog day care London facilities because people have recognised that people need a place to cater for their animals while they are at work. This is especially relevant in London as a lot of people live in flats or apartments that aren’t particularly large in size, so they don’t want to leave their dog cooped up inside a small space all day while they go to work.

Do they Offer Other Services?

Dog day care centres will usually offer various different services depending on your needs. Some will offer grooming, appointment keeping (to the vets), spa treatments and even basic physio. It all depends on what you want, and what your budget allows.

What are the Benefits?

Plenty of breeds were bred to do specific job roles. Catching rabbits, herding sheep, hunting, protecting and so on. And sadly, dogs simply aren’t able to do what they were designed for these days – which results in a lot of them being bored and full of energy – two main reasons for behavioural issues in dogs.

Day care can help alleviate lots of common behavioural issues in dogs. Dog Day Care can help:

  • Stop your dog getting bored
  • Stop your dog getting lonely and getting separation anxiety
  • Socialise your dog with people and dogs
  • Exercise your dog
  • Stop your dog tearing up the sofa!
  • Free you of any worry or guilt about leaving your dog on its own while you are at work

How do I know it is Right for My Dog?

Day care can be great for many dogs, but not right for others. And only you know your dog inside out, so only you can decide whether or not they are right for dog day care. Dogs that are right for day care should be:

  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Healthy and up to date with the latest vaccinations
  • Not dog aggressive
  • Sociable

It may well be the case that your dog isn’t right for day care. Perhaps your dog is older and prefers to stay in the comfort of your home sleeping all day. Perhaps your dog is very aggressive towards other dogs, or gets anxious and scared around other dogs. Dogs probably not suited for day care are:

  • Dogs that are not neutered
  • Puppies that have not been vaccinated yet
  • Dogs who are scared of other dogs
  • Overly aggressive dogs

If you think your dog wouldn’t suit daycare, look for dog walking services or in home dog sitting services where your dog can get one to one care without having to enter a new environment.