Google Music Gives You Millions Of Songs From The Cloud

The current trend in playing music is towards the cloud, and Google Music is a fine example of this trend.
The service started out on November 16. 2011, and it allows anyone to sign up and then upload a large volume of music that you can then listen to on any compatible device,
no matter where you are as long as you have an Internet connection.
This means you have way more versatility and capacity for music through the Google Cloud then if you were just trying to store everything directly on the device.
Some of the other features of the service include the following.

20 Million Songs on All Access

One brand new feature for Google Music which has been out for a year or two now, is the “All Access” service.
This is an extra service that allows you to pay per month to get access to 20 million songs.
You can listen to these songs however you like, or even download them so you can play them when you aren’t online for an additional fee.
The songs you download will be totally DRM free, it will be all yours and you won’t have any restrictions on how you can use it unlike many other services.

Get Free Music and Storage

Google Music has a “Song of the Day” feature that lets you download a free song every single day.
But even beyond that, Google Music lets you store up to 20,000 songs for free.
There’s no total limit to the size of these files, only that here aren’t more than 20,000 of them. The encoding here is at 320Kbps.
It can take a little while to get all the music on the servers if you have a lot, but this brings us to another feature of Google Music.
You can set certain folders on your computer to automatically upload music to Google.
So, whenever you download music into your music folder, it will upload it to the cloud so you’ll have it for streaming just a few minutes afterward.

Personalize Your Music with Listen Now

Music promoters have been talking about a new feature for Google Music called Listen Now, which is like a smart robot  for your music collection.
It will watch when you play music, and then suggest songs in your playlist based on the genres and bands you’re listening to.
While it’s true that other services also do this,
what’s unique about the Google Music version is that you can see what songs are coming up on your auto-generated playlist and tweak them.
And every time you delete a repeated son or one that you don’t actually like, Google Music will learn about your preferences.
Overall, services like Google Music make it easy for anyone to get free cloud streaming of music anywhere they are.
The world is becoming more mobile all the time, and the savvy music listener will take advantage of the portability in lockstep with technological progress.
This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger interested in tech,
business and health realted topics. When she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga.