What To Do If A Wild Animal Enters Your Yard

What To Do If A Wild Animal Enters Your Yard

It can be distressing and concerning when a wild animal wanders into your yard. You may not know what to do but you also might want it gone as soon as possible. There are a number of actions you can take, and the correct one will largely depend on what type of animal it is, how intrusive it is being and whether it is sick, orphaned or injured. This guide will help you determine what to do if a wild animal enters your yard.

Ignore It

Most wild animals can be safely ignored until they move on. Deer and foxes, for example, are usually not cause for concern and will go away on their own. Black bears and coyotes will also typically wander away on their own. Until the animal leaves or it becomes clear additional action is needed, keep all pets and children out of the yard and away from the animal.

If it’s Behaving Strangely, Do Not Approach

If a wild animal is behaving strangely, that usually means it is sick and could perhaps be very dangerous. Strange behavior would include bats lying on the ground, even in broad daylight. Approaching and getting bitten by oddly-behaving animals is a major reason people come down with rabies, a deadly disease. If someone in your family is bitten or attacked by the animal, no matter how minor the injury seems to be, seek medical attention immediately.

Do Not Feed It

Leaving food outside, intentionally for wildlife or not, attracts them to your yard. You may think you are helping them, but all you are doing is teaching them not to fear humans and potentially putting your family, your neighbors and the animals themselves in danger. If you cease feeding the wildlife and leaving food where it can be easily accessed, they won’t have a reason to come into your yard.

Call a Removal Service

Depending on the animal or its current condition, you may want to contact your local or state conservation agency or wildlife rehabilitation center. This will remove the animal from your yard without harming it and possibly get it the help it needs. For animals that are commonly considered pests, a pest removal company, like Colonial Pest Control Inc., can come remove the intruders from your yard. This may be the best course of action for animals like raccoons that are living on your property and causing a problem.

Wild animals in your yard are not always cause for concern. Simply be safe and avoid them until they leave. A removal service can be called if the animal is causing a problem. Whomever you decide to contact, gather as much information as you can about the situation before reporting in so they can come prepared to help you.