Squier Guitars: Two Top Reviews

Squier guitars are from the Fender parent company. Therefore, you can be assured that many of them will be top quality. Of course, Squiers will not be of the same performance and caliber of a fine-tuned Fender guitar. However, they do make excellent entry-level guitars for beginners and even intermediate guitarists.
Nevertheless, many Squier guitars are made with quality woods, such as rosewood and maple, and quality hardware. You can be assured that you won’t be purchasing a toy with Squier, but you also won’t be purchasing a high-caliber instrument.
Squier bullet strat with tremelo
This is a fan favorite from various sites. It usually retails for $199.99, depending on the merchant.
It has a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Of course, it comes with a tremelo that usually has no problem with keeping the guitar in tune. It has 21 jumbo frets, making it easy for players to find their position.
It’s shaped like a standard Fender Stratocaster. The three single coil pickups provide that bell tone that strat players love. It also comes in many different colors, allowing diversity among players. Two of the most popular colors are the coal black and sunburst.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Special Electric Guitar
This guitar is another popular selection from the Squier family. It is a great alternative to the classic Telecaster. It usually retails for $279.99, depending on the merchant.
The great thing about this guitar is that it looks and feels like an authentic Fender Telecaster. The maple neck and maple fretboard feel like silk in your hands. It is so easy to play that you would think you spent much more money on it. The alder body helps beautifully resonate the frequencies and vibrations from the strings.
The two single coil pickups give that “bite” that you o
ften hear from a telecaster guitar. Of course, some players like to switch out the single coils for humbuckers. The humbucker telecasters do well with the wood and body shape. They give a certain sound that may not be able to be replicated on a les paul with humbuckers.
Overall, many players seem to prefer the Affinity series of Squier guitars over the Bullet series. Either way, you can’t go wrong. These guitars are great for practicing and just having an extra guitar in your arsenal. They provide a diverse sound that is refreshing to hear amidst the sea of Fenders, Gibsons and Ibanezes.

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