3 Tips that Make Medicating Your Pet a Happier Process

In many homes, pets are a part of the family. You may do your best to care for your pets as you would care for your family members. This includes taking them to the vet regularly for checkups and getting them urgent medical attention when an issue develops. Regardless of whether your pet takes regular medications, such as allergy pills, or requires special medication for an acute condition, you understandably want to find the easiest way to medicate your furry friend.

Use a Compounding Pharmacy

Just as there are compounding pharmacies for humans, there are also special compounding pharmacies for pets. You may have trouble locating this type of specialized service in your area, but you can always order medications online from a reputable pharmacy that specializes in pet medications. A compounding pharmacy may be able to provide you with hard-to-find medications. In some cases, they can alter the flavor or format of the medication so that it is easier to administer to your pet.

Find Effective Administration Methods

In addition to using a compounding pharmacy to adjust the format of the medication, you may also use various administration methods. For example, some people wrap pills in food or cover them in peanut butter in order to encourage their pets to take pills on their own. They likewise may inject liquid medication into water or other liquids that their pets can safely consume. The alternative to these methods is often to force the medication in a pet’s throat.

Look for Alternatives

Keep in mind that the prescription that your vet prescribes may not be the only treatment option available. For example, if your dog has a food allergy, it makes sense to find a dog food that your pet is not allergic to rather than to put your dog on allergy medication on an indefinite basis. This is only one of many examples of how alternatives to traditional pet medications may be used effectively. For example, some herbal supplements may work well in specific situations. Before choosing an alternative, discuss the options with your vet. Your vet’s insight can help you to make the best decisions for your animals.
Medicating your pet may be essential in some cases, but it can be an expensive and frustrating process for you. It can likewise be stressful and uncomfortable for your pet. Each of these tips can potentially improve the experience for you and your pet while also helping you to provide superior care for your favorite animal.