When To Call The Doctor If You Suspect High Blood Pressure

For those individuals that struggle with high blood pressure are often put on medication to help keep in controlled. In addition to medication you may be on a strict diet and exercise regime to help keep things under control. In the event that you suspect that your blood pressure is higher than normal or you are experiencing certain symptoms it may be time to call your doctor or have someone drive you to your local hospital to be evaluated.

Check Blood Pressure Daily

If you are aware that you have high blood pressure it’s imperative that you have a way to actually keep check of the levels on a daily basis to ensure that they are always at a safe number. There will be times when you feel ill, stressed or other similar situations in which your blood pressure may rise for a short period of time but will soon lower once you have rested, start to feel better or remove yourself from the stressful situation. However, if at any time your level goes as high as 180/110 should contact your doctor immediately. If your blood pressure is over 140/90 or higher on two or more occasions you should also contact your doctor.

Normally your high blood pressure is monitored closely by your physician and can be controlled with medications which also help to keep the symptoms under control as well. If you have an onset of various symptoms which may be a standalone symptom or a combination of different ones it may be time to contact your physician. These symptoms may include severe headache which may seem to pulsate behind your eyes, vomiting, nausea or blurry vision.

Since your high blood pressure is normally regulated with medication it should stay well maintained but on occasion there are things that can cause it to elevate which is normal as long as it returns to a safe level. However, when the levels begin to rise at dangerous levels there may be underlying health problems that are causing your blood pressure to increase and will need to be evaluated when you visit your family doctor. Depending on your situation you may be hospitalized for further tests to help determine what other causes may be for the high blood pressure.

If your blood pressure is higher than normal and has yet to decrease you may need immediate medical attention in order to get it regulated. High blood pressure that goes untreated can lead to clogged arteries, aneurysms, stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure or even death. If you are experiencing abnormal symptoms or have checked your blood pressure and notice that the rates are higher than normal you may want to call your doctor before they escalate any further. Always go with your gut instinct especially if you are not feeling right and feel as though your high blood pressure condition may have something to do with your new symptoms.

High Blood Pressure is critical and needs immidiate medical attention, so never treat it lightly.