10 Best Interior Design Apps

There are many things you can do with your tablet or smartphone.
If you are thinking about the interior design of your home, then your iPhone can be very helpful with this.
Here is a look at 10 most excellent interior design apps that you will find very useful.
1. Home Interior Ideas HD
This app features six key categories: bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, home interior and the pool/outdoor.
It lets you customize your home using many different interior design inspirations and
ideas on improving your own home among other things.
In addition, it is all in high-definition, meaning that the graphics are outstanding.
2. Mark on Call
This is a perfect app for you, if you are solemn about interior design.
This app can design various rooms to the actual layout/size of the room you are trying to design, and
lets you place furniture and add floors all with only a few taps.
Besides, you can share your work with your friends, relatives or other designers in only a few seconds.
3. Ben Color Capture
This is a must have app if you are in the process of renovating your home.
It uses the most recent technology to let you take a photo of every paint color on a car,
wall or object and it matches it with an incredibly similar one.
It also lets you browse through inspirational pictures and create color combos.
4. Home Sizer
This app is also among the most excellent interior design apps and a great one if you are considering building a new house or you are in the process already.
This app lets you calculate size in square footage and estimate the price per square footage.
5. I.D. Wood
This is another great app if you are building your dream home or looking to remodel the current one. It lets you browse through over 160 different samples of wood.
With this app, you get information on various wood types including common usages, descriptions, costs and durability.
6. Dream Home
This app has picture galleries of many different rooms, homes and design types and lets you clip the pictures you like and save them right away.
Besides, you can upload photos of rooms you have designed and rate other photos.
7. Interior Design Photo Library
This is a great app if you are remodeling your home or building a new one.
It shows you how to utilize existing furniture pieces and you can browse through its home galleries to obtain amazing interior design ideas.
8. Home Improvement Glossary
This is a good app if you are new to home makeovers, interior designing and diy projects.
The app is very user-friendly and it is presented in a format that is very easy to read. This app can be used with your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.
9. SwedeShop
This app is ideal for you if you are an Ikea addict. It is the unofficial shopping app that makes browsing or shopping for new interior design supplies from your phone very easy.
It even shows you the aisle from which you can get the idea product at your neighboring Ikea store and offers you design ideas.
10. Evernote
This app lets you snap photos of your favorite room designs, furniture and fabrics and organize them all on this handy organizational app.
Evernote app is the ideal way of getting organized and it is presented in a very user-friendly format.
Sally is a part time interior design blogger who works with a building company that specialises in house and land packages in Perth.
She loves mixing reclaimed furniture with modern bold pieces to create exciting and stimulating spaces.