5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the many famous innovators of the 21st century who tremendously impacted the industry of technology. In fact, his well-known venture, Apple, has become practically a household item.
The evolved technology soft wares he created are in the hands of many people around the world. Almost all of us know at least one person who owns gadgets such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and famous Mac computers.
Jobs, along with Wozniak, established Apple Computers, Inc., in just the first few years of his twenties. These fun facts you may not have known about Jobs are from his birth in 1955, to his death in 2011.
We aren’t listing the basics such as his long lost sister, or his non-existent relationship with his father.

Breakout Co-Creator

If you’ve owned a Blackberry smartphone, you don’t need any explanation as to what Breakout is.
Although, if you haven’t, Breakout is the ever so famous game created by Atari, however, the creator of the prototype was Jobs and Wozniak, his partner at the time.
Although Atari claims to have not been able to use their prototype and design, it’s the contribution and strategy that matters.

A Victim Of Dyslexia

Who would have thought an innovator such as Steve Jobs, would have suffered from Dyslexia? Jobs’ disorder didn’t prevent him from being one of technology’s greatest thinkers and the thoughts and inventions he put forth changed technology.

Dropped Out Of College

More known for his innovations and founding of 3 tremendously successful companies, he definitely wasn’t the major technology mogul that was known for being a college dropout such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. He attended Reed College for 1 semester.

HP Offered Him an Internship….in the 8th Grade

Seems remarkable, but in the small area of Northern California where Jobs grew up, he frequently attended seminars that were hosted by Hewlett Packard. One day when he approached Bill Hewlett asking for computer parts he needed for a project, Bill was so impressed by Steve that he offered him a job right on the spot.
Have you ever been offered a job by the CEO of the world’s leading technology company when you were in the 8th grade?


Although he wasn’t the founder of Pixar, he did have a remarkable impact on the company. Just a year after leaving Apple, he went on to funding Pixar, becoming the main shareholder.
After about 2 decades of managing the company, he sold it to The Walt Disney Company, which made him the largest Disney shareholder.
Jobs’ life is quite the jaw-dropping story. The timetables and events that occurred throughout his entire lifetime are incredible to learn about. There are a countless number of facts about this iconic innovator.
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