5 Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready for the Fall

As temperatures begin to drop, it is a beautiful time to go outside and work in your yard. Then, you can enjoy hosting outside parties, spending time there with your family or contemplating the world just by yourself in your backyard. Here are some tips to get your backyard ready for fall.


Fall is the perfect time to clean your yard. Start by mowing your grass at least one more time before winter sets in. Move any leaves or clutter away from your home’s foundation so that it does not attract pests when temperatures drop. Think about power washing your house and your driveway so that it is clean for winter. Finally, clean leaves out of your gutters.

Plant Flowers

Remove annuals from your flower beds and replace them with pretty fall flowers. Think about choosing specimen plants and filling in around them with less expensive options to make good looking beds that everyone will enjoy. Fall is also the best time to plant bulbs that you want to bloom in the spring. For most types of bulbs, simply dig a hole that is three to four times deeper than the height of the bulb and place your bulb in it. Then, refill the hole.

Upgrade Your Patio

Use luxaflex awnings to upgrade the look of your patio. Make sure to consider options with flexible arms as you can adjust them to keep the sun out of your eyes while you are enjoying sitting on the patio. Then, compliment the look of your new awning with some patio furniture or at least update the look of your current set with new pads. Adding a fire pit is a great addition as it can help keep falls chill off allowing you to enjoy your patio longer.

Create Play Zones

Even if you expect only adults to enjoy your backyard, create areas where people can enjoy playing their favorite games. Lots of indoor games can be made into outdoor options just by increasing the size of the playing pieces. Options include Tic Tac Toe, Scrabble and Jenga. You may also want to create another area where people can play traditional yard games like lawn darts and croquet.

Take Care of Your Trees

Pay special attention to your trees during the fall. While you do not want to prune most species, you still want to remove any dead branches so that they do not fall when the cold winter wind begins to blow. Mentally mark a circle as wide as the tree’s canopy, and deep water the tree around that line as the water will help the tree stay healthier during the winter and spring months.
Taking care of these five tasks helps you enjoy your backyard more during the fall. Get busy now, so that you have plenty of time to relax after all the hard fall work is done.