Longer Hairstyles For Athletic Men

Not all guys like to keep their hair cut short. That is understandable for many different reasons. However, when guys are going hard at the gym or playing hard, having longer hair can be an issue, as it can be distracting and get in the eyes.
Fortunately, there are many great hairstyles out there for those athletic men with longer hair. If you are one of these men and you are looking for some new things to try with your hair, look no further. These celebrity inspired styles will have your hair looking great and out of your eyes.

Joe Jonas Hair Style

Joe Jonas is easily the most popular Jonas Brothers; even if you don’t listen to their music, you still know who he is. Joe changes his hair up quite often, but usually leaves it longer. Joe has naturally curly hair that he straightens. The first way that you could wear your hair is to get it cut into layers.
You will want the longest layer in the back to touch your shoulders. You will then want to get wispy, razor cut layers in your hair and flick them out with a straightener. Your hair will need to be lightly hair sprayed to keep it in place. Additionally, this look works well with a sweat band, especially if you are worried about it being in your eyes.

Robert Pattinson Hair Style

Robert Pattinson is another celebrity with gorgeous, longer hair. If you want to wear your hair like him, you will want to be sure it’s all cut about the same length with a few layers here and there. You can then either use gel or mousse in your hair to tousle it. Once you have it pushed back, away from your face the way you want it, you can then hairspray it to keep it in place.
This look, just like the previous, will work great with a sweat band.

A Note about Long Hair and Skin

One thing you need to keep in mind with longer hair, especially if you want to rock long bangs, is your skin. Oftentimes, when you are applying hair products, overspray from the bottle or even just transfer from your hair itself can clog your pores. This problem can be magnified in the forehead “T” zone, so make sure that you keep your skin clean.
You might even want to consider a microderm treatment that gently removes the outer layer of dead skin cells an dirt, allowing your pores to breathe freely.
As you can see, all of these celebrity inspired looks will work great for you, especially if you are an athletic male looking for some inspiration for getting a new hair style.
These looks are all great for even the thickest hair and are fairly easy for you to do yourself. Find a picture of one of these guys’ haircuts and take it with you to the hair salon. You will come out with a hot new hair style that will look great in the gym or on the field and feel great about yourself!
About the Author: Max Ludman is a Hollywood cosmetologist who specializes in men’s styles. He writes about fashion, hair and celebrity gossip. He recommends the Riiviva Microdermabrasion System for at home, spa-like results for clear skin.