How To Make Your Wedding Better Than Your Best Friend's

Let’s be honest, while a wedding is a magical and romantic day that is mostly focussed on the fact that you’re marrying the love of your life in front of all your friends and family; it’s also an incredibly competitive event and one that has more than a small element of ‘one-upmanship’ about it.
Everyone wants their wedding to be the biggest and the best, the most memorable and the most glamorous and of course better than their friends’ and relatives’ weddings in order to achieve that title.
The question is then, how do you go about throwing a wedding that will top those of your friends?
And if your closest friend has just thrown the wedding bash to end all bashes, what can you do? Read on to find out how to top any given wedding and be the one everyone has to beat.

Look for Flaws

When you’re at your friend’s wedding, you’ll be very happy for them of course blah, blah, blah.
At the same time though, you should take this opportunity to do some industrial espionage.
Listen to the comments that people make and look out for the things that go wrong – then find ways to ensure you avoid any and all of their mistakes.

Win Each Direct Comparison

One thing you can do is to look at each direct comparison and make sure that you win on every count. For instance then, you can look at the flowers and make sure that you have more flowers than they did and more glamorous ones. Likewise you can look at the cake and make sure that yours is taller/more original/more delicious.
If they had a classic car, then you should get a wedding limo. If they got a live band… then you can always get two. And if you manage to beat any one person on every count, then it’s going to take some doing for anyone to beat you overall.

Find the Heart

To do all this alone though would be to severely miss the point of a wedding. Of course few people come away from a wedding and say how lovely it was that the bride and groom ‘spent all that money’.
Of course the things that people remember are the little personal touches, the quirky bits, and the moments where they could really see the love between you and your spouse.

In other words then, if you really want to have the best wedding then you need to first and foremost make sure that it is you. Make sure that your wedding reflects who you are as a couple, make sure that everyone in attendance enjoys themselves and that you think of them first, and make sure that you two are as happy as can be and completely focussed on each other.
If you manage all that then your wedding won’t be merely ‘big’, or ‘grand’ – it will be beautiful and magical. And those are things that are completely 100% impossible to compete with.

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