Raspberry Ketone Review

Raspberry ketone is making waves right across the weight loss industry at the moment though it is also causing much controversy.
For those considering using the product, this can be frustrating as one source can contradict another.
Knowing the facts before you buy is a must so with that in mind, this review seeks to uncover what are raspberry ketones is, and if it really works.
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Raspberries – The ‘Super Fruit’

A number of fruits have, over the years, been considered ‘super fruits’ because of they have so many benefits to the human body.
Raspberries come under this heading because it can give a whole range of benefits, including;

  • Providing potent antioxidants
  • Improving brain function and cognitive abilities
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Helping the body manage blood sugar levels
  • Providing powerful anti-inflammatory properties

While these benefits have been known for some time, recent studies are also attributing the ability to aid in weight loss to the fruit, especially in relation to a part of it known raspberry ketones.

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are enzymes that occur naturally in the fruit, but in very small amounts.
Their primary use in nature is to produce the sweet smell of the fruit which has led to the product being used as a food flavoring for decades.
Now, scientists are suggesting that it can also have an effect of fat cells, appetite and metabolism, thus greatly helping when it comes to weight loss programs.
However, as it appears in such small amounts in the fruit, it needs to be processed in the lab in order to get the quantities needed to have the desired effect and
taken in the form of a supplement, rather than just eating the raspberry itself.

Weight Loss Benefits of the Supplement

The first benefit of the supplement is that it helps slow down your metabolism, i.e. the rate at which your body burns calories.
In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you actually put into your body through food so a product that helps you do this faster and more efficiently will have obvious benefits.
Normally exercise is the only way to increase the number of calories you burn and this should still be seen as one of your primary weapons against fat.
You should also control the amount of calories you actually put into your body through a tried and tested diet plan but by adding a supplement that actually speeds up your metabolism, the results will come a lot quicker.
In addition to this, raspberry ketone actually improves the body’s ability to use fat as a fuel, making the fat burning process much more efficient by triggering a bodily function known as lipolysis,
which acts to break down the fat making it easier for the body to burn.
Another weight loss benefit that the supplement provides is that it stimulates a protein called adiponectin, which is known for its weight loss properties.
The protein has a whole range of functions and when stimulated by raspberry ketone, it helps the metabolic system, regulates glucose and helps the body break down fat.
Alex was born in Greece, Athens to a personal trainer and physician. From an early age, he was inspired to excersize and help other people.