The Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

The demand for plastic surgery is at an all-time high as a result of the ageing population and advances in medicine, allowing surgeons to safely perform certain procedures that could not have been possible a few years ago. Plastic surgery can be performed on individuals who have been affected by certain illnesses and those with defects. Individuals who want to improve certain aspects of their bodies can also decide to opt for plastic surgery. Below is a selection of the most common procedures.
Breast Augmentation is a form of plastic surgery that changes the appearance of breasts. It is common to find women who do not like the shape of their breasts and thus look for ways of making them bigger, smaller, rounder, or making them proportional to the body. The surgeon uses two types of implants namely, silicone and saline; these implants are inserted at the lower end of the breast.
The number of people who are overweight or obese has risen and this can be attributed by the hectic work schedule and bad eating habits. Some of those who are overweight have had success in getting slimmer through weight loss diet plans. Those who have not succeeded decide to use the services of a surgeon who performs liposuction procedures. This is a type of procedure that involves the elimination of unwanted fat from several parts of the body. The most common are areas like the hips, waist, arms and thighs. The surgeon makes a tiny incision and uses a tube which sucks the fat out. The popularity of this surgery has increased in both men and women due to its excellent results and cost effectiveness.
A Facelift is also another form of plastic surgery that has benefited from the improvement in medical technology. This type of treatment is preferred by people who are concerned about their appearance and desire to regain their youthfulness. Women, especially, sign up for this surgery as it promises to get rid of wrinkles or sagging lines and thus increases their confidence.  It can also be done by individuals who need to correct their faces that have been damaged as a result of illness or accidents.
Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is another popular procedure; it involves flattening the abdomen and other surrounding areas by removing excess fat. Women who have given birth can also use it to regain their post pregnancy looks. The techniques used in plastic surgery in Salisbury, Derby and throughout England have dramatically evolved over the years, resulting in increased numbers of people benefiting from them in numerous ways.
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  1. Nose lift or rhinoplasty is another popular cosmetic surgery procedure that benefits all races. Some Caucasians undergo rhinoplasty to lessen their nose bridge while Asians would want to add more nose bridge and Afro-Americans would want to increase the tip of their nose. It all depends on the need. Also, rhinoplasty is done to correct or reshape the nose caused by accident or by medical condition.
    Cosmetic surgery have been widely accepted by people all over the globe because of the enhancements it gives a person to boost self image or confidence. If cosmetic surgery was an unaccepted procedure in the past, today it is viewed as something normally done to correct imperfections.

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