Why You Should Go Organic – Some Facts

Organic clothing is on the rise and there are a number of reasons why. As with anything, knowledge is power so understanding the reasons why people are going organic can really help you to make your mind up on whether the idea is a fad or something worthwhile.
We have a number of facts and pieces of information on why you should purchase organic girls’ clothing the next time you go on a clothes shop.


One of the interesting facts and reasons many people are trying to detox their wardrobe is polyester. We’re not talking about clothing made completely of the stuff either. Did you know that polyester and cotton mixed t-shirts can emit around 10 times their weight in CO2 and also around a quarter of their weight in air pollutants? Organic t-shirts emit none of these pollutants and so each one prevents around 150g of chemicals being used.


One of the most common natural materials that are used for organic clothing including organic girls’ clothing is bamboo. This material is easy to care for has its own natural cellulose and is manufactured in a non-toxic manner. Add to this the fact it grows very quickly and is renewable and also that it is of the highest quality and strength and you wonder why you have not heard of bamboo clothing before. It is also breathable and comes with a range of natural bacteria that will kill off the bacteria that cause odour in clothing. It is also able to hold double the moisture of normal cotton and feels like cashmere when it is placed on the skin – ideal for organic girls’ clothing.

Organic Cotton

One of the most common of all the organic materials is organic cotton. This cotton omits the use of pesticides which are known to harm the environment and also have cancer causing agents. This organic cotton also us breathable and has all the positive additions of normal cotton, with few of the negatives. Traditional cotton uses a significant amount of pesticide, is extremely costly to make in manufacturing terms and is full of chemicals that are bad for the skin and the body.


One of the reasons people like to choose organic cotton and organic materials is because they don’t have the effects that the alternative materials do on your skin. Because they don’t use the chemicals and pesticides there is often far less likely chance to suffer a skin problem. For children with soft skin this makes them ideal and is one of the reasons why parents choose organic girls’ clothing commonly. These clothes are available dye free, are natural in their construction and don’t use bleach. This care means that they don’t produce the harmful effects that the alternatives do and ensure long, comfortable wearing time for adults and children alike.

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