Sister: A Second Mother

Who is a sister? Be it an elder one or the younger one, a sister is the one whom we can call another mother. The concept of nuclear family is a new one and generally observed in cities. Still today, in villages big joint families are prevalent. A girl has an intrinsic knack of copying her mother in whatever she does. So, while growing up she observes how her mother takes care of her younger brother. She starts having a careful eye for the brother since childhood. But its only she grows up to a lady the mother inside her peeps out and she starts behaving just like a second mother to her brother. So, as a brother, it would be really joyful if you can identify the best rakhi gifts for sister during rakhi. That doesn’t mean you can shy away from the other festivals that crowd our calendar. Your job is made simpler these days by online gift shops which know exactly what to gift a sister on various occasions.

As a dutiful and obedient brother you may take a look at the following options as a Diwali, Holi, or rakhi gifts for sisters.

  • You can also go for a personalized T-shirt with her picture along with her baby.
  • Send cakes on her birthday and personalize that cake with her picture right at center of that cake.

Sister: A Second Mother

  • Taking all her childhood pictures with you, create a collage to be put in your drawing space.
  • Gift her a nice dress from her favorite brand and send it along with a flower bouquet to put a big broad smile on her face.

Sister: A Second Mother

  • Collect the childhood favorite candies and seal them in a jar to be sent to her. She would definitely love this one and recall those nostalgic days.

It’s not so complicated to impress your sister and unlike others she won’t even complain about the type and price of the gift because she knows you very well and understands your deep love for her. If she is married, make at least two trips to her place in a month which would keep her happy and lively. She misses you even after her marriage because she has shifted to a place where she is not spoilt with love and care. You as a brother should be understanding enough and give her space as well as meet her often so that she still can share all her nitty gritty details with you.

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