What Happens During The Personal Injury Claims Process?

Anyone who has suffered an injury or accident due through no fault of their own has the right to make a personal injury claim. Here are the steps taken when you make your claim and what the end result could be for you as a claimant.

Making a personal injury claim is your right should you suffer an accident or injury due to the fault of someone else. You can claim for just about anything, including:

  • Accidents or injuries at work
  • Vehicle accidents or injuries
  • Accidents or injuries while travelling
  • Pedestrian accidents or injuries

These are only a few examples as claims can be made for accidents or injuries due to the fault of another individual, company, local authority or organization. Individuals can claim for injuries which occur when merely walking along the street or accidents which occur as the result of an uncontrolled hazard at work. However, the majority of accidents occur at work. Here are the steps you need to take when making a claim with an accident at work solicitor and what will happen when the claim is processed.

Making your Claim

The first step is to determine whether you may have a claim or not. You can call an accident at work solicitor straight away if you are confident in your claim. Your solicitor will then give you the best advice regarding your accident or injury and will help you decide whether to pursue your claim.

Evidence Gathering

Your accident at work solicitor or injury solicitor will help you gather any evidence you may have against the perpetrator(s). This will allow them to advise you on the amount you are likely to receive in compensation. You will then both agree on the amount of compensation that you, as the victim, will settle for. You must bring as much evidence as you can, including pictures of your injury, medical prescriptions and any medical appointments or advice you have received.

Getting Compensation

Your accident at work solicitor will put your case to the defendant and the evidence for your case will be produced. If there is negligence on the part of the defendant, they may make an offer of compensation. However, they may fight the case all the way to court if they believe that the fault was not theirs or that negligence on their part was not proven. The defendant may agree with the amount of compensation you have asked for therefore you will be advised to settle. If they do not agree, then the case could go all the way to court. In court, evidence will be produced on both sides and you will receive continuous advice from your legal team.

Lastly, the compensation amount is agreed and you will receive your payment. Remember that you do not have to suffer in silence; if you have an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence then you are entitled to compensation. There are many individuals who have incurred lifelong injuries or disabilities due to the negligence of someone else. Everyone has a duty of care, whether it is to their employees or to members of the public. Hiring an accident at work solicitor to get compensation will ensure that the individual or organization takes proper care of those they are responsible for in the future.

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