How to Make Your Teeth and Gums Healthy?

Make Your Teeth And Gums Healthy

We have been trained to brush our teeth from the day we grow tiny teeth, which is why often we brush our teeth as the first ritual of our morning. Though brushing teeth in the morning is probably a habit of most people, it might not be the only habit to keep your gums healthy.

There are a number of factors that maintain the sturdiness of your gums. The most efficient of them is your diet and nutrition. You have to take care of the essential nutrients your teeth need along with flossing them. Getting plaque on teeth is not only bad in look but it leaves harmful effects on overall health. It makes you unable to eat your favourite spicy food.

I got a tooth infection a few months during my university period. Due to the presence of a bulk of junk in my diet, the infection got worse. I went to see a general physician in Peshawar when I faced some bad weeks of tooth pain. She examined my tooth, recommended some diet, and prescribed the medicine. After almost 1 week, my tooth pain was completely relieved. Maintaining oral health is not as hectic as your dentist may suggest you.

All you have to do is maintain a regime and stick to it once you know it works for you. With my own experience, I have come to know that health problems can be easily achieved. I learned that we should prevent such health issues as much as we can. I would love to share some tips and tricks I came to know about maintaining my dental health.

1)  Maintain a Healthy Diet:

There’s no truth in the talk of quitting every spicy and sugary food for healthy teeth. Instead, portion control will aid you a lot. Prevention is way better than being unable to eat anything due to infected teeth. Diet is probably the most effective way to keep your gums healthy. Some of the foods preferred to eat are:

  • Chew sugar-free gum to keep teeth active
  • Green tea is proved to be best for your gums
  • Food items that are rich in fiber help in cleaning your teeth.
  • Add flouride to your diet. Some alternatives like grapes, coffee, black tea, and raisins.
  • Try to have dairy products like milk and cheese.
  • Leafy greens vegetables are a good source of maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Put in some nuts in your diet.
  • Stay hydrated.

2)   Rules of Brushing Your Teeth:

Brushing your teeth instinctively in 1 minute is not recommended by dentists. It is advised to keep the toothbrush at 45 degrees. Moving the brush in a circular motion assists ineffective cleaning. Using an electric toothbrush can be more helpful. Most of the doctors recommend brushing thrice a day after every meal and flossing once a day. Flossing at night prevents the building of plaque on your teeth. While brushing, repeat on the inside surfaces.

3)   Use a Mouthwash:

Get yourself a MOUTHWASH. PERIOD.

There is no other way around making sure your mouth cavity is healthy and strong. Brushing alone cannot help you with maintaining good mouth health. You have to get yourself a mouthwash for an overall balance of healthy gum cavities.  Mouthwash fights with mouth bacteria that helps in preventing any mouth cavities.  Along with an important function of killing the bacteria, a mouthwash offers you a fresh breath.

Hence, it prevents many gum diseases like gingivitis. Therapeutic mouthwash helps in preventing plaque and tooth loss. You can use your mouthwash daily to make your breath smell nice. It kills the leftover bacteria after brushing.

4)   Choose Your Toothpaste:

While choosing your toothpaste, keep a look at the ingredients. Make sure that it has fluoride in it. There are many kinds of toothpaste to choose from. The doctors don’t prescribe whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. While most people are fixated on making their teeth appear whiter, the ingredients involved do not provide any additional gum or teeth health. Instead, you should look for ingredients that will actually benefit your teeth’ health.

Fluoride is the most necessary ingredient as it prevents tooth decay and makes them stronger. There is also special toothpaste that helps in making teeth stronger. Special toothpaste formulated for children are also available. These toothpaste don’t have some harmful whitening chemicals because kids can swallow the toothpaste.

5)   Get Rid of Smoking:

There is a reason that says smoking kills! Not only is it harmful to your lungs, but it is also quite deteriorating for your teeth. In short, it affects your whole health. People who smoke are three to six times more prone to periodontal diseases. All tobacco products are harmful to your teeth and make them an easy place to settle for bacteria. Your teeth will become yellow and have plaque buildup. Consistent smoking also causes many toothache issues and often have been the cause of yellow teeth. Thus, if you are suffering from tooth pain or tooth loss, consider steering away from this harmful habit of smoking.

6)   Visit a Dentist:

Visiting your dentist after a few months will help you in maintaining your health. Visiting dentists from time to time has been of great benefit for me. I was able to acquire early diagnosis as soon as the toothache became unbearable for me. After getting cured by my infection, I visit my dentist regularly at Sara dental clinic, Peshawar. Getting a regular diagnosis from a dentist can prevent the buildup of plaque and yellow teeth. It will help you to polish your teeth and make them stagnant.

Better Teeth, Better Health!

One of the reasons why many dentists face such dental problems is because often people are carefree about oral hygiene. It is always important to remember that your oral hygiene is a direct reflection of your overall health. After all, you would not want to have a smelly breath.  Make sure you have a big brighter smile by taking care of your teeth. Stick to a routine of regular brushing and flossing. Eating good and quitting junk will make you and your gums healthy.