Why Webmasters Love Search Engine Optimization

Creating a website is not a walk in the park. It requires days of planning, heavy financing, and coding, before it is presented to the internet world for use. For any webmaster, the person who runs the website, traffic is a huge motivational factor. The more people visit the website, the more the webmaster is motivated to improve on it. Unfortunately, in this age, there are so many websites being launched every day that it becomes almost impossible for people to direct traffic to their newly launched website. Reason being, in this age, people rely on search engines to take them to useful websites, and newly launched websites hardly make it to the front page. With impatient internet users, you cannot expect them to go through over 2 search results pages to get to your newly launched webpage. So, how may you get your website noticed?

Why Webmasters Love Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

That’s right. SEO is the idea which allows newly launched websites to become noticed by search engines within days. To understand SEO, you must understand the mechanism of a search engine first. After a query is put in the search bar of a search engine, the search engine searches for that query, as it is, within the data of all the websites present on the internet. The websites which match the query exactly come on top, whereas the websites which match the query the least are at the way bottom. These search queries are referred to as keywords, and the most used keywords on search engines are of importance to people trying to optimize their websites for search engines. SEO aims to bring such data on your website which contains keywords at a density of 2%. So for example, if you are putting 500 word articles on your website, you should include the keyword within each article only 5 times, not more, not less.

How do Webmasters Optimize their Websites for Search Engines?

The more keyword dense content your website has, the more prominence it will achieve on search engines. However, to put in keyword dense content on your website is not easy, as you may need to put in thousands of articles to get your website to page 5 of search results on search engines. That is why webmasters love to delegate the work of content production to other people, usually outsourcing work abroad where they are able to get a lot of articles at a very cheap rate. By putting in hundreds of SEO articles on their website, webmasters are able to generate reasonable traffic, which is all a webmaster wishes for.

Why do Webmasters need Traffic?

Everyone who owns a website and runs it is a webmaster, and all webmasters need traffic to come to their website because without traffic there is no point of having a website on the internet. There are many kinds of websites being run by webmasters. Some main types are:

1) Customer Services by Corporations:

Some corporations have websites not for monetizing purposes, but to provide customer service to their customers. Webmasters for such websites are not interested in traffic compared to webmasters of other kinds of websites, because they don’t gain anything from a large amount of traffic;

2) Online Business:

Online businesses which aim to monetize by advertisement require traffic to operate. For such website webmasters, traffic is money, and money is a successful business, so traffic is crucial. The more traffic comes to their website, the more ads they get, and the more money they make;

3) Personal Websites:

Some people create websites for general discussion about what inspires them and what they follow, and as webmasters do hope for some traffic to keep their website alive. Without traffic, they will be sharing their thoughts and ideas with no one and the purpose of their website will cease to exist.


Whenever we need something off the internet, we log onto a search engine and immediately search the entire internet for the particular thing we want. Hence the concept of website loyalty has faded, and the only way to get traffic to a website is by SEO. The higher the website appears on a search engine result page, the more traffic webmasters get on their websites. This is why webmasters love search engine optimization, because it gets them the traffic they desperately strive for everyday.

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