5 Gardening Secrets Every Gardener Should Know

Gardening is a very popular hobby. The flowers and produce which is grown in gardens brings a lot of pleasure. The TV series ‘The Good Life’ popularised gardening and many people in the UK decided to get their hands muddy as a result. There are plenty of secrets which a gardener must be aware of – here are five of them:

Plant Seeds in Sunny Areas

One of the key components of photosynthesis is sunlight. When seeds are put into areas which don’t have a lot of sunlight, they won’t grow. Before planting seeds, choose a suitable place. If there are certain areas which don’t get much sunshine, it is pointless putting seeds or plant pots there. By looking at a garden on a sunny day, it can be decided where seeds can be sown.

Don’t Leave it too Late

Many gardeners mistakenly plant seeds too early or at the end of summer. When seeds are sown in winter, an overnight frost might kill them. The same applies in late-August. As the temperatures start to drop from September onwards, seeds should be sown in early spring. Any qualified Florist for instance a florist Belfast, Cardiff, London or other parts of the UK would suggest doing this after the cold weather has ended. As a result, a gardener is giving their seeds the best possible chance to grow.

Invest in a Polytunnel  

A freeze can suddenly happen. Many countries have had snowfall in the middle of spring when gardeners have planted their seedlings. As a result, their crop is affected in this early stage of the year. A polytunnel can help in this situation. This is because it enhances the sun’s rays and stops the cold from penetrating a crop. Polytunnel’s can be very big where there is plenty of room for gardeners to walk around. When seeds are sown in areas that are covered by polytunnel’s, seeds can sprout quicker. Even if there is a sudden frost or snowfall in the spring or autumn, a polytunnel stops it from causing any damage.

A Garden isn’t Always Necessary

A florist can testify to the fact that a garden isn’t always required to grow flowers. In fact, those who are living in a top floor flat can grow a wide array of flowers. A window box can be attached to a windowsill which has a lot of sunshine throughout the day. If a property is north or south facing, window boxes can be put on each windowsill on account of how much sunshine it gets.

Water Plants at the End of the Day

It is pointless watering plants at noon or in the middle of the afternoon because this is when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. When plants are watered at sunset, none of it will evaporate quickly because temperatures are lower when compared to a couple of hours before.

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