The Best Of The West Coast: Seaside, Oregon

Anticipation heightens as the lush countryside and farms of Oregon give way and the welcome sign for Seaside, Oregon comes into view. The town is a lovely seaside resort just as its name suggests. Driving through town, visitors see small shops and restaurants, hotels and inns as well as churches and Coney Island-style attractions like bumper cars and cotton candy. To the south of town rises a ridge of hills with old-growth forest. One of the most festive resorts in the Northwest of the United States, visitors feel the welcome and soon wish they had more time to stay in Seaside exploring and experiencing the town and area.
Getting out of the car, the best way to experience Seaside is on foot where the ocean breeze hits the face and the smell wafting out of restaurants mingles with the aromas of the ocean and the tall fir trees on the surrounding hills. The storekeepers in the little shops that sell crafts, chocolates or saltwater taffy are friendly and enjoy meeting travelers from all over the world. Then, visitors can choose the promenade or the golf course for 2 very different perspectives of this corner of the world.

Shopping and Rides

A shoppers’ mecca, the small boutique and curio shops sell everything from clothing to antiques. The shop owners are laid back and love to chat or give information on the town and the nearby region. Shoppers feel relaxed and that they can linger in shops as long as they like just browsing. Some areas of Seaside have kiddie rides, one of the best of which is the brightly painted old-fashioned merry-go-round in the small shopping mall.
For couples and small families, yellow and red car-shaped cycles have a seat for two and pedals down in front of the seat. A smaller seat for children with belt straps allows an entire family to peddle around the streets together. Additionally, the streetcar bus is a fun ride for young and old as well as a great way to get about town.

The Beach

The Promenade or “Prom” as the locals call it was built in the 1920s. The stone walkway with a deco-style cement railing between the town and walkway and the beach, is a pleasant place to wander just taking in the beach scene. Evening or daytime, the Prom feels like the ultimate spot in Seaside. Benches along the way are great for resting, photography and people or sunset watching. Eating a snack like cotton candy or sipping a drink, minutes pass as the fresh air breezes massage the face and fill the lungs.
The wide expanse of beach is a wonderful place for beach games and barbecues as well as relaxing in the sun and sand just listening to the call of birds and the regular song of the waves coming into shore. A children’s play area has swings, and the safe beach is a place kids can run and play for hours.

A Place to Visit Again

One visit is not enough. Many events take place in town, like a car show with some of the best classic cars in the world. Crowds love to see and show cars and mingle together celebrating the town and the love of automobiles. Then, Seaside is near some of the best natural features and historic sites of the Oregon Coast. The ideal spot to stay at reasonably priced and comfortable hotels, people want to stay on enjoying the beach, the atmosphere, and other nearby places like Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park and Saddle Mountain.

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