How Cooling Towers Save Water and Environment?

You may get in a dilemma that how cooling towers can save water, but it is true. Manufacturers and suppliers of water cooling towers India will explain how cooling towers help environment in saving water while using water. Still confusing a lot? Read this article thoroughly!

The first water-cooled systems applied potable water to absorb heat. Manufacturers intended the model of cooling tower to recycle more than 98% of potable water, which results in mind-blowing reductions in both water and energy consumption as these models grew in size and popularity.

Evaporative heat rejection makes system efficient and this conserves water and reduces greenhouse gases emissions and pollution. It is due to the thermoelectric power generation accounts for 38% of freshwater withdrawals in developed countries like US- essentially equal to that withdrawn for agriculture or irrigation.

Since there is minimum electricity consumption at the site, cooling tower plant needs less power for generation and less water is used in the extraction and processing of fuel source.

Today, scarcity of water can be seen in several areas of the world. This is why it is important that all water consuming systems, regardless of their location, optimize their use of water. Methods that help in conserving water includes –

  • Low-flow bathroom fixtures
  • Repairing leaks in water-distribution systems
  • Using simple techniques to help evaporative heat rejection systems using limited amount of water to save energy
  • Minimize system maintenance
  • Maintain optimized system performance
  • Ensure the durability of the system

Evaporative heat rejecting systems include the range of models like open circuit cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, and evaporative condensers.

What is the contribution of water-cooled HVAC systems?

HVAC models are of two types – water cooled systems and air-cooled systems. Out of them, water-cooled systems are more energy efficient as compared to air-cooled systems. Water-cooled systems support environment efforts to lower the count of greenhouse-gas emissions.

When it comes to maintenance, cooling tower is no different than a machine. However, water-cooled towers need less maintenance as compared to air cooling towers. You can clean water-cooled condenser every year but for air cooled condenser, you need to do it twice.

So, water cooling towers in India and abroad are widely accepted for their own benefits. You can learn more advantages of these towers online. If you need to ask anything related to cooling tower, talk to experts. They will share the best guidelines with you.