Some Quality Used Car Models To Look For

Finding the best used cars in New Jersey can be difficult, but one clear indicator of a good investment is a car that lasts extremely long, even after it was already owned once. Toyotas are known for their ability to stay on the road for years, surviving for many thousands of miles longer than their closest competitors; this is especially true of Toyota Certified Used vehicles, but certain models have a particular tendency to exceed typical vehicle lifetimes.
The best way to figure out which used cars in New Jersey last longest is to assess them based on mileage potential, maintenance, and crash safety. Although different driver habits play a big role in vehicular longevity, these factors give a pretty good approximation of which vehicles are likely to stay on the road the longest.


Toyota frequently claims that there are more Camrys on the road than any other car, and according to some sources, about 90 percent of those vehicles that were built since 1995 are still being used by drivers today. Camrys have extremely high frontal and side crash test ratings, meaning that they can take beatings and still last for years. Traditionally, low maintenance costs also make Camrys easier for most owners to afford, ensuring they can actually keep the vehicles.


Toyota Tercels have been known to remain on the road reliably for over 300,000 miles. Although these vehicles were discontinued around 2000 in favor of the Echo/Yaris, many are still sold used today. Interestingly, in some countries like Chile, Peru and Paraguay, Tercels are still some of the most popular imported cars available.


In production since 1966, Corollas became the best-selling model in the world around 1997, and the vehicle’s success has only grown in the last decade. High-impact safety ratings, Vehicle Stability Control, traction control and good fuel efficiency make this car extremely popular with families, young drivers, and commuting professionals alike.


Although Toyota isn’t as commonly associated with larger vehicles, Tacomas are extremely reliable and well-traveled. The vehicles were used by U.S. Army Special Forces units during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tests from 2006 and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the Tacoma very high ratings. Anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, rollover sensor-deployed side curtain airbags, and brake assist ensure that Tacomas are easier to drive safely for longer periods of time.
Quality used cars in New Jersey are not that hard to come by with a little diligence. By finding a good dealership and a reliable model that suits their individual needs, drivers can pinpoint the vehicle they want and spend years learning the value of it.
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