Features Of Dedicated Ethernet Internet Service

In the business world, access to the Internet is critical. But it is not just about access to the Internet alone. It is also making such access secure, cost efficient and available. All these aspects matter for any organization. Therefore, one emerging technology has become rather popular when it comes to choosing dedicated Internet access. And this technology is the Ethernet Internet service. It offers plenty of advantages and benefits to the organization and some of its features are unparalleled. Even in a direct one-on-one comparison with other communications or telecom modes, the Ethernet service stands apart for its features.
When an organization needs a high amount of bandwidth then inevitably it turns to Ethernet dedicated Internet. These high requirements of bandwidth means that there will be no disruption to network traffic. Data intensive companies therefore need secure bandwidth and reliable bandwidth in order to enjoy sustained business efficiencies. Ethernet also delivers highly secure connections to the Internet. By making sure that there is a dedicated connection between the public Internet and the LAN or local area network of the organization, the Ethernet can ensure high amount of security for the data transmission. This level of security is essential because an organization will deal with customer specific data.
Symmetrical speeds are yet another feature of Ethernet Internet service. Most service providers can deliver a range of choices when it comes to symmetric speeds. Symmetric speeds essentially means that the organization gets to enjoy similar download and upload speeds. Therefore some of the choices can be 15 Mbps or 100 Mbps symmetric speeds – it all depends on exactly how much data the organization is planning to handle. Ethernet connections are also extremely easy to install. They do not need a whole range of equipment and additional investments and can work within an existing IT infrastructure.
Once the Ethernet connection has been installed it is also extremely easy to manage. Such is the simplicity or ease of management that most service providers guarantee uptime of up to 99.99%. This is an amazing promise indeed but one that is delivered almost every single time! The costs of an Ethernet connection can vary depending on the bandwidth. Simply put, if you were, for instance, to choose a bandwidth of 10 Mbps, then the price can range anywhere between $ 600-$ 700 per month. A lot of service providers however have extremely flexible pricing systems that can be even more attractive than this figure.
One more feature of Ethernet dedicated Internet is that a service provider can offer primary and secondary Domain Name System or DNS service. Since DNS is the primary network service that acts as the go-between domain names and IP addresses, this is a critical feature indeed. Most service providers will also provide business class support when it comes to Ethernet dedicated Internet access. This becomes important because more often than not such support will entail proactive monitoring, availability of experts when it comes to troubleshooting and better response to demands for higher bandwidth. The technical and business benefits of Ethernet Internet service far outweigh almost every other option.
James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.