Tips for Central Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency

ID-10065533Cooling down during summer months doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune in energy bills.

Using circulating fans in individual rooms instead of the system’s fans can lower the temperature in your home while you’ve turned off the compressor. Circulate air and save money at the same time to feel comfortable without running your air conditioning for extended periods of time.

Keep an eye on both efficiency and effectiveness to give your pocketbook a break during hot months.

Follow a few simple tips to keep cool and save on power bills.

Set Your Thermostat at a High Temperature to Remain Comfortable

Even though you can put a chill in your home during summer months avoid lowering the temperature on your thermostat to low levels. Save money and conserve energy by setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. If you can go about your day without sweating and feel relaxed you’ve probably found the right temperature for your home. Minimize the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures to maximize your energy bill savings.

Record the optimal temperature in your home during summer or late spring months as a benchmark for your ideal thermostat setting.

Do Not Set Your Thermostat at a Colder Temperature than Normal

Setting your thermostat at a colder temperature than normal will not cool your house more quickly. If anything you’ll gobble up more energy and skyrocket your energy bills at month’s end by using this approach to cooling your home.  Avoid excessive cooling by finding a comfortable temperature for your house during warm months and maintaining that temperature throughout the day.

Use Fans to Complement Your Central Air

Using fans throughout your home can increase cooling while lowering your energy bill. Minimize power use and spread air throughout your home by employing fans in particularly warm areas. Set up fans in second or third floors and perhaps by large windows to lower the temperature in your home and your power bills.

Avoid Positioning Heat Generating Appliances by Your Thermostat

Your thermostat may receive a false temperature reading if you place televisions, lamps or computers near your thermostat. These appliances generate significant heat.

Use Shades to Block Sunlight

Use shades to keep your home cool during warm months. Combine blinds with curtains to maximize shadiness in your house. Blocking a significant portion of direct sunlight keeps your house cool and dry. If you want to give your central air conditioning a break avoid opening any windows. Letting in hot, humid air will increase the temperature and heat index inside of your home quickly. Keep your windows closed and use a combination of fans and window blinds to lower the temperature inside of your home.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Contacting air conditioning repair professionals to conduct regular maintenance can lower your power bills dramatically. Performing regular maintenance on your system helps you to identify and pressing problems that need to be addressed immediately. Think of maintenance as insurance for warm months and a nice way to cut energy bills.

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