Natural Testosterone Boosters

One question that is often asked when people are looking to gain muscle or increase their lean muscle mass is, “What about testosterone?” It does play a vital role in building and maintaining lean muscle. Also for guys who are over 30, they are often dealing with a slow loss of testosterone as the years go by. Sadly there is no simple over-the-counter testosterone booster.
In fact, while doctors can prescribe testosterone shots (or other people obtain them illegally) that is actually not the best option. While taking in extra amounts of the hormone that way will boost your levels and give you a resulting increase in energy, focus, muscle mass, and libido; the fact remains that it is temporary as long as you keep taking injections.
But what if there is a better way?
The Natural Testosterone Boost
As you age production slowly decreases. What we have in our youth slowly reduces and it can be noticed with a lack of energy and other factors. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can help prod your body to produce more testosterone.

  • Switch to Interval Training – Instead of doing a regular paced style of cardiovascular training, switch the training style to a higher intensity interval training session.
  • Add Compound Exercises – Deadlifts and Squats are must exercises because they incorporate more of your total muscle mass in a single session. This helps with the natural production of testosterone. You can use other full body exercises and routines to increase the intensity.
  • Flower Pollen Extract – This might seem odd but this compound comes closer than any other plant to matching human male hormones.
  • Take Zinc – Zinc can increase testosterone levels and many people are deficient. Do not exceed 50 mg per day or you are at risk for copper-deficiency anemia.

These simple changes to your exercise program will force the entire body to work harder consistently. The result is that the body will decide it needs to produce more testosterone to help give your muscles the edge they need to combat the stress to the system. When you add to that two good supplements then you are on your way to increasing your testosterone level.
Some people have reported following this style of training and supplementation that there testosterone levels exceed levels achieved with a shot from a doctor after consistently working at it over a 2-year period. That is pretty impressive considering that the body normally will decrease levels. Now we have a plan to help offset the natural effects of aging on testosterone production.

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