3 Ways to Make Your Garden Flourish with Almost No Effort

It’s finally springtime and as the winter snow has stopped falling. It’s likely that you’re thinking about how to make your landscape look great this year. But, if you’re like most individuals, you may feel like you lack the proper time to give your garden the input that it needs to shine. However, by understanding some basic tactics we’re going to share below, you can ensure that your garden looks absolutely amazing with a minimal time commitment.

Pick the Right Types of Plants

One of the biggest problems that homeowners run into is picking the wrong variety of plants for their time commitment. If you don’t want to spend every night it doesn’t rain this summer watering your garden and you can’t commit time each week to weeding, then you need to pick plants that can survive without. These are known as hardy or drought-resistant plants. Some popular hardy plants include shrubs, ferns, sage, veronica, and lavender. These plants can survive for weeks to months without being watered. This is perfect for those who don’t want to commit time to regular watering.

Pay for Mulching Services

If you don’t have the time yourself or simply don’t want to do the mulching, then you can hire residential mulch services. These companies will deliver and spread the mulch of your choice. There are many different varieties of mulch. Some will last all year long while others may fade after a short couple of months. Speaking with a local expert will allow you to find a mulch that will last through the year, not fade, and will look great at your home. Mulching will also ensure that the weeds are kept to a minimum in your garden so you won’t need to commit any time to weeding on a regular basis.

Test Your Soil and Treat It

While this may seem like a task and a half to do, it’s really not. You can get a soil testing kit from your local hardware store. It takes a small handful of soil from the garden and a few minutes of mixing chemicals to see where your soil is at. These tests work by measuring the organic matter in your soil. The more organic matter you have, the better the soil will drain, till, and make your garden simply flourish. The test results will instruct you on what fertilizer to buy for your garden. You’ll only have to put the fertilizer down once and your garden can reap the benefits of it all year long.
Making your garden flourish this summer doesn’t have to be a headache. You don’t need to pay a professional to landscape your lawn. You can do it yourself on a limited budget and limited amount of time by following the three methods outlined for you above.