Take It Away, Take It Away, Take It Away Now! 4 Ways to Get More Storage Space

Practically every homeowner is going to struggle with storage problems at some point over the years, and there may come a point when it feels as if you have filled up every nook and cranny in your home. If your home is filled to the brim, then it is time to get creative and start thinking about some long-term solutions to this common problem.

Ditch the Clutter

The first step in this process is removing all of the unused clutter that is sitting around your home. To get rid of clutter, you might want to go from room to room and create a few separate piles for all of your possessions. One pile might be for items that you would like to donate while another pile is for possessions that you are going to sell at a yard sale. For broken or worn items that are completely unusable, you can call your local waste management company to schedule a bulk pickup.

Use Your Garage to Its Full Potential

Even if you park one or more cars in your garage, there could still be quite a bit of space that isn’t being used to its full potential. Many companies now sell affordable storage racks that can be attached to studs higher up on the walls or directly to the ceiling. Those racks are fairly easy to install, and you won’t need anything more than a few basic tools.

Rent a Storage Unit

You probably have quite a few possessions that you only use a few times a year but still want to keep. Instead of storing those items in your home, you might want to rent out a storage unit. Storage away from home are a great option for seasonal decorations, furniture that you aren’t ready to part with, and camping and recreational gear. If you plan on storing any delicate items, then you should look around for a company that offers climate controlled units.

Consider Building an Outdoor Shed

Building an outdoor shed is easier than most people realize, and almost every home improvement store sells shed construction kits. One of those kits will include all of the hardware and materials that you need to build your very own shed. Before you put a new structure on your property, you should always check the local building codes. You might need to purchase a building permit if the shed is over a certain size.
Once you have carried out these few tips, you should continue to purge your home of unnecessary items as often as possible. Packing up unused possessions once every few weeks will make your annual or semi-annual cleaning projects much less stressful.