3 Tips For Improving Air Quality In Your Home

3 Tips For Improving Air Quality In Your Home

Are you coughing up a storm? Suffering from indoor pollutants can ruin your life. Dry, itchy eyes, a hacking cough and a raspy throat are all possible signals of poor air quality in your home. Having pets, smoking indoors and not checking for dangerous pollutants can all lead to terrible air quality.

Since indoor air quality can take a serious hit compared to outdoor conditions, following a few simple tips can improve your life tremendously. You spend most of your time indoors. Whether you’re relaxing with friends and family at home or you’re sleeping you will be breathing 24-7. Avoid health problems and boost your family’s mood.

Use these tips to improve the air quality in your home.

Remove Killer Pollutants

A few select pollutants can be fatal if you are exposed to these harmful elements on a regular basis. Radon gas, secondhand smoke and carbon monoxide form a deadly trio of indoor pollutants that may go undetected in some cases. Toss out the cigarettes for good. Kick this nasty habit to do yourself and your family members a favor. Make your home a no smoking zone. Lay down the ground rules as soon as anybody enters your house to immediately improve the air quality in your dwelling. If people need their quick fix tell them to please smoke outside.

Install carbon monoxide detectors to guard against this odorless, dangerous gas. Make sure the device is placed near sleeping rooms for best usage. Contact a licensed technician to take a look at any fuel burning appliance in your home

Remember to never run your car, lawn mower or other fuel burning engines in your garage as this produces potentially lethal carbon monoxide. Grills, heaters and stoves should be either used outdoors or vented to the outside to improve the air quality in your home.

Run a test to detect any radon in your home. Although this gas is present in rocks and soil high, abnormal amounts present in your home can lead to lung cancer.

Use a Humidifier

Dryness in your home can cause irritation of the eyes and skin. During cold winter months your home may become dry due to excessive heating. Purchase a humidifier to add needed moisture to your home. Whole-house humidifiers can improve comfort throughout your house. The added moisture can help you breathe easily while reducing flaky skin and dry, irritated eyes. Give your lips, throat and nose a break. Use a humidifier to instantly improve the air quality in your home.

Clean Fido

Clean Fido or your tabby to breathe more easily. Pet dander is a major irritant. Cat hair, dog hair and bird feathers can cause havoc in your lungs. Dead skin cells, saliva and urine and feces can all contribute to pet allergies. Keep things clean inside of your home. Sweep your floor regularly. Mop hard floors every few days to remove dirt, grime and other by products of your pet’s presence. Sleep a few rooms away from pets if you suffer from pet allergies. Make sure to clean your sofas, beds and other furniture regularly to improve air quality.