Six Reasons To Vacation In England

When people think of England, they don’t often think of a prime vacation spot. England has a reputation for being a drab and dreary country because of all the rain, and people, unfortunately, don’t always realize how great it really is. There are lots of reasons to vacation in England, and here are just six of the most compelling.
The Pubs
You can’t take a visit to England without visiting several local pubs. English pubs are full of character, and they’re quite unlike domestic bars in the States. Pubs have casual, welcoming atmospheres where you’ll feel at home. The wide array of drink choices are excellent for beer lovers, or you can try the hard cider. Many pubs have large menus of delicious food. They’re also tons of fun, and you can play games like pool, darts, snooker, quiz games, and more.
The Countryside
The countryside landscapes in England are simply gorgeous. Rolling hills; lush, green plants; colorful trees; and pristine, perfectly-manicured gardens are just some of the beautiful things you’ll see. You can visit countless royal parks, national parks, public parks, and other preserved spaces for leisurely strolls or challenging hikes. Oh, and England also has lots of beautiful beaches dotting the coastline, so you’ll always have nice options for outdoor activities.
The city of London is one place you just have to visit. It’s an amazing city that has so much to offer, and you’ll never run out of interesting things to see and do. There are plenty of art museums and galleries. There’s the Millenium Wheel, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Thames River, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and so much more. It’s a city that’s vibrant and beautiful, with amazing architecture and breathtaking cityscapes.
The Food
While England hasn’t been traditionally known for good food, that is all changing now. In the country you can find many restaurants that have world-class cuisine from famous chefs. You can find a variety of food in just about any flavor you’d like, from traditional English dishes to Indian food to Caribbean. England has banned genetically-modifed foods, so there is a big emphasis on local, fresh food and produce. There are also lots of health food stores to go to.
The History
History buffs will love visiting England, because it has numerous historical sites that give visitors the opportunity to go back in time to the Colonial era and World War II. You can see the launching site of the Mayflower, where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215, the historic town of Plymouth, the Globe Theater, Westminster Abbey, and more, with history dating back to AD 50.
If you’re interested in a European vacation, England is one of the more affordable countries you can choose to visit. Airfare for the U.S. isn’t quite as expensive as longer flights, and there are lots of options for lodging, meaning you can choose a luxury hotel or a small, local hotel. You can save the most if you visit in the off-season of mid-September to early November.
Kathryn Thopmson is a travel agent and avid writer.  She enjoys traveling around the world and documenting her travels.  Kathryn recently wrote about her latest Bahamas vacation.