Top 5 PlayBook Apps for Sports Lovers

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Tablets and mobile devices have revolutionised the way we live our lives, from business to entertainment. Of course, the world of sport has been quick to latch on to this fact, and the array of sports-related apps available on the BlackBerry app world is proof of this. For those mad about sport, there’s never been a better time to check out a BlackBerry PlayBook review, as a new tablet can be well worth the investment if you just have to keep up with the latest scores or news about your local team. Without further ado, then, here are the top 5 best apps for sports lovers, all out now on the PlayBook.
1. Madden NFL 12
Boasting up-to-date rosters and over 2500 officially licensed NFL players, the NFL series has always set the standard for what a good sports game should be. Featuring all the management aspects that have made the Madden series great in the past, the controls for on-field play have been adapted for the PlayBook’s touch screen. BlackBerry PlayBook reviews have also in the past highlighted the device’s power and potential as a gaming device, and the impressive graphics on display in Madden NFL 2012 show this. And with a full-on season mode, it has everything that a mobile NFL game needs, with enough content to keep you entertained for hours.
2. ScoreMobile
ScoreMobile does exactly what it says on the tin – it keeps you up to date with the latest scores in real time, wherever you are. There’s coverage for more than 20 leagues and sports associations, including the NBA, NHL, NFL and soccer leagues. The interface is nicely laid out and clear, and even more impressively, there are in-depth stats for 15,000 players.
3. Nike Training Club
If you ever find yourself struggling to keep up with other players on the field, the Nike Training Club is here to help you out. The Training Club is a superb personal training assistant that allows you to select a specific training program that is best suited to your fitness level. But it’s the extra details, such as bonus videos from celebrity trainers and audio guidance during your workout, which set the Training Club head and shoulders above other fitness apps. You even have the option to listen to your own music playlists while you exercise.
4. ESPN Goals
The ESPN Goals app features similar score updates and statistics to ScoreMobile, with one difference: this soccer-focused app allows you to view video clips of all the goals and highlights from the Barclays Premier League. Not all sports lovers have the time to sit and watch an entire 90 minute match, so this app is ideal for anyone who wants to be kept in the loop with bite-size chunks of the best action.
5. Top Eleven Football Manager
With 3,400,000+ players worldwide, Top Eleven Football Manager is one of the most popular management games in the world right now, which is not surprising considering how addictive it is. You start by creating your own team, which you then train and pit against other players, from friends to people on the other side of the world. With a full league system and a live bidding system for buying and selling players, Top Eleven represents the most immersive soccer management simulation around.


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