The Future Of The Printing Press

Lately we’re seeing a lot of people creating small, simple printing presses in their own homes. They use commonplace home items to create these printing presses. They have similar components to the large printing presses that printing companies use: printing plates that they apply ink to, a place to insert the paper to be printed on, a way to apply pressure to the printing plate and the paper to create the impression, etc.

Is this the end of the printing press as we know it?

So with all of these people creating printing presses in their very own homes, does this mean the end of the printing press as we know it? Should printing press manufacturers be shaking in their boots? Should they start preparing to go out of business, shutting their doors for good?
Absolutely not.
These homemade printing presses are by no means an alternative to the more elaborate presses used by large companies. Nor were they made to replace them. These in-home printing press creators seem to be just enjoying the process of creating. They truly enjoy the process of building these small, simple printing presses.
These in-home printing presses are very complicated to make, and they don’t have the ability to do large amounts of prints on a large scale. Instead, they are meant as a way for the creators to be creative and build something for themselves. These in-home printing presses absolutely don’t mean the end of the printing press as we know it. They are just a fun way for the creators to build and innovate, and maybe make a small side income for themselves.

What is the future of the printing press?

So, with that said, what exactly is the future of the printing press? As I said, these in-home innovators and inventions by no means are an end to our printing presses. On the contrary. These people that are creating these printing presses in their homes show us the future of the printing press.
Printing presses were originally created and perfected by innovators and inventors. It was innovators that perfected the printing press and made it into the amazing machinery that we know of today. Innovators just like these innovators that we are seeing today.
It’s true, if the printing industry continues to learn to work with these innovators and creators as they have in decades past, these innovators could mean the very future of the printing press. If they continue to create, innovate, test, and build, there is no telling what developments with the printing press they will be able to come up with next.
This article was written by Nicole, a writer for Graphic Innovators. They specialize in the sale of new, remanufactured and quality used web offset presses, komori offset presses, and auxiliary equipment.