How To Host An Elegant Christmas Party

It might seem like madness but yes, you have agreed to host a Christmas party and you’re probably thinking you need all the help you can get. There’s all the food to prepare, drinks to serve and most scarily, relationships to manage. You need to remember that Auntie Jane simply can’t sit next to Auntie Doreen and also that Grandma never has ice in her drinks and Uncle David doesn’t like peas. The list of things on your mind might be endless and getting them into a coherent order can be hard. Here are some top tips to keep in mind to ensure you host an elegant, memorable party.
Invite by Post
Being organised ahead of the day will really help out. Send out invitations inviting RSVPs so you know how many people are actually coming. Posted invites have more impact than emails so get your pen ready to start writing out those cards!
Decorate with Taste
You may like those Christmas inflatables but they’re unlikely to impress your guests. Stick to simple fairy lights, door wreaths and garlands to ensure your guests feel welcomed into an elegant soiree as they arrive on your doorstep.
Keep it simple
We’re talking food here. When it comes to the food you’re offering make sure you have it organised in such a way that you won’t be leaving the table for hours to prepare or cook elements of the meal. If you can afford a caterer go for it! If not, look for simple festive recipes which can be prepared in advance, especially if you’re planning a sit-down meal. For large parties a well-planned and perfectly executed buffet is always recommended.
The perfect host would obviously have every drink under the sun available but realistically nobody’s perfect. If you offer a selection of beers, wines and two or three stock spirits such as whisky, vodka and rum then you should satisfy most palates. You can always tell guests in advance so if they really do need their favourite drink they can bring a bottle themselves. Of course we suggest you stock a range of non-alcoholic drinks too.
Pick a Dress Code
You need to pick a dress code to make your party go with a bang. Obviously we don’t mean a fancy dress affair or anything too casual, but you should decide whether you want a completely formal code. If you opt for the formal angle ensure your party frock or dinner jacket is looking its best and your trousers are perfectly pressed. If you decide to relax the rules a little then still make sure you still look your best and you make it clear to your guests what’s considered acceptable and what isn’t.
These five tips could be all you need to keep your party under control and ensure it runs smoothly. They’ll also make it easier for you to relax and go with the flow instead of worrying all night long.
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