How Can I Know They're Not Lying Polygraph Testing Could Help?

Why Do People Lie?
People can lie for a variety of reasons. For some people it’s a habit or a way of life used to mask their own faults or unhappiness, some use lies to cover a truth they would like to remain hidden. Meanwhile, others use lies to construct their own truth either for their own gain or someone elses,  we often think that by lying we will save someone we love from getting hurt. We all lie sometimes and know that others to do, so why is it that we still do or are still caught out by it?
How Do They Hide It?
For most people, deception is hard work and doesn’t come without indications that its happening and knowing the signs can sometimes make it easier. The best known indicator for lying is supposed to be the movement of the eyes but recent studies have shown that this isn’t always accurate. Other good indicators of lying or guilt are sweaty palms or face, confusing stories with details that don’t quite match or fidgety body language and restlessness. Everyone has their own little expressions and you’ll know your loved one best.
How Can I Find Out The Truth?
Sometimes we just can’t be sure and don’t feel confident enough to risk the consequences that false accustaions could produce, so how can you be sure without ruining a relationship? We have the resources and operatives available to us to verify the truth when you’re uncertain. Using methods such as polygraph testing, surveillence, background checks and vehicle tracking we are able to ascertain the truth behind a variety of situations. After consultation with our operative team, the best course of action, dependent on your case, will be decided and agreed upon before any action is taken.
What is Lie Detection?
The most obvious method of lie detection is perhaps the use of polygraph testing. This tried and tested method of detection begins with the construction of a list of questions relevant to the information you wish to discover. Three main areas are tested during a lie detector test with non invasive methods: electrodermal (electrical conductivity of the skin), respiration and cardiac activity. The answers given by an individual during the test session are then compared with the responses of the body and the truth behind them verified. From the body responses it can be assessed whether or not the individual is replying honestly or not and any relevant conclusions made.
Is It Right To Confront Them?
With the information gathered on your case throughout the period of investigation, you will have the resources available to you to make an informed choice on the best course of action. Each case is very individual and is treated as such and the final decision of how to use the results obtained is ultimately down to you. We are happy to provide advice and further consultation on the invesitigation and its results but recognise that iit is your life and relationships that will be affected by the information and leave any further action up to you.
As the author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator and can be contacted through Private Detective Brighton we are here to help you find the truth