How To Make Sure That Dream Property Doesn't Slip Through Your Fingers

Finding a home that you really like can often present a big challenge. Of course moving home is a big deal, and when you make the decision to live somewhere new this is of course a decision that’s going to great impact on your finances, on your lifestyle and even on your social life. No single change you make in your life short of moving country, getting married or having children can really impact you in such a big way – no other change really hits so close to home (there’s a reason for that…).
For this reason we can spend months or sometimes even years searching around for a home that we want to move into to no avail and this is why it’s so important to make sure that when we do find somewhere we like, that we move quickly and grab it right away before it slips through our fingers. So how do you go about doing that and securing a property before it’s lost to us? Here are some tips on how to act fast and get the home you want.
Be Nice
If you seem like nice people who are going to take good care of the home that you’re moving into, then you may well find that this stands you in good stead and that you get preferential treatment over the other interested buyers. Of course we can become quite attached to our homes, and if someone is moving out and selling up then they’ll probably want the property to go somewhere that it’s going to be carefully looked after. Demonstrate that you’ve got the property’s best interests at heart, and that you could really use the move, and you should increase your chances of winning out the competition.
Negotiate Well
Negotiating a property price is an important thing to consider and you shouldn’t skip this bit for fear of scaring off the sellers. Most sellers put their house on the market expecting to have the price knocked down, and if you do not then you will probably be paying thousands over the odds and this can greatly impact on your lifestyle. On the other hand though, do make sure not to go over the top and put off the sellers or get beaten out by someone willing to pay more.
Act Fast
When you get that feeling that you want a property this is usually something you just ‘know’ and that should give you the urge to act fast. Don’t wait around and look for something even better – because that feeling is very hard to find.
Be Good With Money
It’s not just the sellers who need to accept you when you move home, it’s also your bank. If you are thinking of moving home at some point in the future then, make sure that you manage your finances carefully and that you give them every reason to want to give you that loan.
Have Everything in Place
If the transaction does go through and your offer is verbally accepted then you still aren’t out of the woods just yet. In order to get your property you still need to have your surveyors and your settlement agents go through everything and you still need to sign the contracts. Have everything in place and all the services ready so that you don’t end up taking too long and falling at the final hurdle.
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