How Solar Power Can Fill Your Home With Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

While solar power can’t actually fill your home with sunshine on a cloudy day, solar panels with a battery backup can fill your home with power harnessed from the sun. With technology making it easier than ever to convert, more people than ever before are turning to solar power to fulfill their need for energy in order to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

Why People Are Turning to Solar Power

Like the Beatles once sang, “Here comes the sun, and I say – it’s all right,” the energy from the sun is coming to more and more homes every day! According to National Geographic, over the past 15 years the use of solar energy has increased by 20% each year.
Solar power is truly a no-brainer. Once you have invested in the equipment to draw in solar power, you don’t pay a cent for it so long as the sun continues to shine! There’s no catch, and very low maintenance. The sun provides free, not to mention clean energy that powers up your home, or even your place of business.

Solar Power is Safer than Traditional Electricity

You can manage to avoid large amounts of pollution that is typically produced through normal power sources. Power lines alone are a source of various forms of pollution, starting with the noise pollution from the static sound they create. Additionally, the fear of harmful diseases associated with power lines would be eliminated if everyone used solar energy, which is a sustainable source of clean energy.
One of the diseases associated with power lines is cancer, caused by radiation given off by the lines. Solar equipment may seem expensive, but think of it as buying into a healthier lifestyle, and possibly even dodging a bullet. When you take the easier way out and pay your monthly electricity bills, all you do is contribute to the problem. One large investment now could save you a lot of money, stress, and energy for later use.

Ways to Use Solar Power in Your Home

Regardless of the reason, perhaps you’re just not ready to go the distance and completely switch over to solar power for your whole home. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea completely. There are ways to make the transition to using solar power for your entire home easier, and help your electricity bill at the same time!
For example, the next time you go to plug your cell phone charger into the wall, consider that there are plenty of devices that will charge all of your electronic devices through solar power. Solar powered lights that surround your outdoor walkways as well as motion detector lights on the outside of your house that warn you of a possible intruder are both available at your local home improvement store.

Small Changes Add Up to Big Savings

Everyone knows that you have to keep your attic cool to prevent fires. When it’s hot, it could seem that the attic fan runs constantly, and that it is simultaneously burning a hole right through your wallet. Power the fan with solar energy and feel the refreshing breeze of energy savings!
If the breeze is too much, and you feel the need for a little warmth, take a dip in your solar powered hot tub! There are so many ways to convert to using solar powered energy. Nobody said you’d have to make global changes to your lifestyle overnight, but here are some other ways you can use solar power in your home without investing in a full system.

  • Solar powered lanterns and flashlights. If you’re fond of spending time outside at night, whether you’re camping under the open stars or just hanging out in the backyard, these accessories provide the same brightness without draining batteries.
  • Skylights for natural lighting. Roof-to-ceiling, tubular skylights allow sunlight to tunnel into rooms of your home, even if those areas are hard to reach and not directly accessible to the roof. They add natural light to spaces like walk-in closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways.
  • Address lights. If you have an emergency after dark and the fire or police department needs to find your home, a solar address light can mean the difference between them finding it sooner than later – even if power is out throughout the rest of the community.

Solar Power – It Pays for Itself!

The next time someone asks you “What is solar energy?” tell them that it’s the first step to a cheaper, cleaner way of living. Taking baby steps into a lifestyle powered by solar power keeps you from the harsh impact of the cost all at once. But at least you can start to save money on your electricity bill. Perhaps the money that you save can go towards converting your home into becoming completely powered by solar energy!
Freelance author Sophie Evans is also married with two children. She enjoys writing about topics that reflect on her own lifestyle – like being earth-friendly! Recently Sophie used websites such as to find the best tips on how people can use sun-power to energize their lives.