Green Renovation Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value

Indeed, they are a hit. Going green has never been so popular. The trend didn’t simply catch on because of the all of a sudden awakened consciousness that we should protect Mother Nature more, but because market trends have shown an increased demand in green homes.

Whether it is due to the fact that owning a green home equals lower utility bills, or future homeowners are sincerely concerned about the environment conservation is completely  irrelevant here. What truly matters is the fact that Australian energy efficient houses are sold 13 days faster (compared to ordinary real estate). What is more, the average price is 10% higher, too.

Having taken all of this into account, here are some excellent ideas how to immediately boost your home’s value.

Do the Gardening

Your home’s interior can be absolutely wonderful, but if your lawn is in desperate need of maintenance, and the tree next to the house seems as if it’s going to collapse any second, you won’t have many buyers inspecting your lovely home because they will be immediately repelled by the whole picture. After all, why would one expect a great interior if the area around the house is in such a poor state? You have to admit this makes perfect sense.

Therefore, put in some effort into adding some local plants to the garden because these are sure to retain water for longer, and remain green in hot weather. Trim the hedges, mow the lawn. Whatever you invest in landscaping, you should eventually get 4 to 5 times as much.

Replace the Doors

Let’s focus on the exterior a bit more. Coming along the driveway, there are two types of doors which catch the buyer’s attention: the front door, and the garage door. Both are equally important when it comes not only to the looks, but to utility bills. Namely, properly sealed doors such as Energy-star qualified ones will come across as very impressive. In addition, well-insulated and modern looking garage door can be a real deal-breaker, especially if the future owner is thinking of setting up a home office. This is also one of the advantages to present to the buyers.

Harness the Solar Power

There are so many ways you can make this happen. The moment you install some kind of solar panels on your home, you’re immediately boosting its value. What is more, they can be simply added almost anywhere. For instance, consider setting up solar powered blinds. They will increase the home’s energy efficiency by 45%. Then, there’s an option of adding solar powered water tanks for extra savings. Finally, the whole installation process needn’t break your bank. Enquire about government tax credits for using this kind of sustainable resource.

A fresh Coat of Paint

The non toxic one, of course. While back in the day the only deciding factor was the right nuance, today nobody wishes to live in a home painted with VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The list of possible conditions triggered by VOCs is a long one: respiratory issues, skin and eye irritation, headaches, and even cancer. Painting your home with harmless paint is mandatory if you are to be taken seriously. In a nutshell, this is the basics.

New Appliances

While waiting for your prospective buyers, you will actually get to enjoy your improved home very much because one of the suggestions is buying new, energy efficient appliances. Older versions of washing machines, dryers and dishwashers practically devour electric energy, so you should definitely replace them. This will lower your bills, too, until the time is right to seal the deal.

Let there be Light

Nothing is as appealing as a nicely lit home. For this purpose, check the conditions of your windows, and perhaps add a new one at the roof (with solar blinds, of course). LED lights have so many well-known benefits which go without saying: less energy consumption, better light, and greater durability.

The sooner you start implementing these changes, the better. Not only will you speed up the whole selling process, but your redecorated green home will enable you to save quite a lot on a monthly basis. Actually, with all the enhancements suggested, you might like it so much you’ll decide to give up on the sale altogether.