Facebook is trying to be more popular and sign up more people

There is no doubt about the fact that the social networking sites are taking an integral place in the modern life of most of the people who have any touch with Internet. Facebook is no doubt one of the most popular social networking sites which have already signed up half of the population who use internet. They have got huge success and they want to continue it. They are now trying to sign the rest of the people up.

FacebookThey want to reach each and every person on this earth whether he or she is accessing from Laptop, desktop, iPhone or any other device from any country. As per the social networking sites are concern it is necessary to take care of the international market. One has to be dominant in the international market to be on the top of the list of popularity. Facebook is just trying it now.

In United States, the success story of Facebook is still on the higher side. However, in the third world countries and in African countries Facebook is trying to enrich their business and popularity. To get more people with them is necessary. However, Facebook is also remembering the fact that they have to improve themselves and add more features so that their existing customers remain touched with this famous social networking site.

Vice President of Facebook Mr. Chris Cox said, “We are trying our best to add more people with us. We want that all the people who use internet can be added with one another through the platform of Facebook and we can provide our best services to all of them.”

It is true that Facebook has already achieved a huge overseas growth in recent year. According to a statistics eight people among ten who use Facebook are out of United States. However, they have already signed up most of the people in Western and Eastern countries in recent years. However, now it seems that the more growth is not going as easy as before for Facebook. Michael Pachter, the analyst of Wedbush Securities has predicted that Facebook is not going to sign up another billion people in their social networking site.

Recently Facebook has crossed one billion users which they have enjoyed grandly in the head quarter in Menlo Park. However, with the celebration they have taken a new oath that they want to add the rest of the people with them as their users in the coming years. Therefore they have doubled the expectation and they have set a target which will be really remarkable to reach.

It can be expected that Facebook can reach this sort of popularity as they have already defeated the social networking sites like Bebo, Orkut, and StudiVZ etc. in the United States and other countries in recent times and thus they are gradually enriching their business and popularity.

Facebook is trying not only to get their growth in the number of users they have. They are trying to make Facebook such a platform that people will be continuously active in their account in this social networking site.


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